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7 Telegram Groups To Sell Your Clothes In Singapore

Telegram groups to sell clothes

If you’ve got a wardrobe ridden with impulse buys left to gather dust after being worn once, there comes a time where you’ll reconsider your life choices that led you to that point. Instead of rueing your past decisions, consider using Telegram groups to help link you up with prospective buyers so you can finally clear your closet.

From dedicated channels for specific brands to general e-marketplaces filled with thousands of users, check out these Telegram groups to sell your new and secondhand clothes that’ll help with the mass exodus of unworn outfits.

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1. Dedicated blogshop groups – for brands like Lovet & Her Velvet Vase

listings for specific blogshop clothingImage adapted from: Lovet Fam, We are Young, Hungry & Free

If you only swear by specific blogshop’s collection drops, dedicated blogshop groups on Telegram will be your greatest allies. Populated with fervent supporters of brands like Lovet and Her Velvet Vase, these groups strictly allow postings of only a particular blogshop’s clothing and nothing else.

We summarise below some of the most popular blogshop groups for you to join and potentially sell off your clothes to fellow shoppers, so hit a “subscribe” if your favourite brand is one of ‘em:

Fayth – 1.5K membersLovet Fam – 13.5K membersThevelvetdolls – 392 membersHVV Hervelvetvase – 737 membersCarrislabelle Fam – 2.5K membersNEONMELLO – 2.7K membersWe are Young, Hungry and Free – 7.6K members

2. Sell ur clothes – includes bags and shoes

sell ur clothes telegram groupImage credit: sell ur clothes

Contrary to its channel name, Sell ur clothes allows you to clear out other unwanted fashion-related items here too. Shoes, earrings and sunglasses are some items being listed on the regular, so rummage through your drawers to see if you’ve got any accessories you’d be keen on letting go.

Posts from other Telegram groups are also constantly being forwarded here, so take your time to browse and who knows, you might even find a good deal yourself.

Number of members: 2.3KJoin Sell ur clothes.

3. SG Carousell – middleman channel to clear your goods

listing on sg carousellImage credit: SG Carousell

While Carousell undoubtedly is a handy way to list up your pre-loved clothes, creating individual listings and constantly monitoring them can be a hassle. That’s where the group SG Carousell comes in – an admin with handle @yoursfatefully does all the postings and advertising work for you.

sg carousell rulesImage credit: SG Carousell

All you’ve got to do is furnish the admin with the necessary information and pictures for your item, and you’ll see a listing pop up on the channel moments later. And since your listing is on a messaging platform, future buyers will have no issues tapping your username and striking a conversation with you to work out a deal in private.

Number of members: 1.1KJoin SG Carousell.

4. Blogshop Deals – one-stop shop for blogshop clothing

listing on blogshop dealsImage credit: Blogshop Deals

A more expansive group for all things blogshop-related, Blogshop Deals is the channel to join if you’re not a one-brand loyalist. From The Editor’s Market tops to Love, Bonito maxi dresses, you’ll be able to list an assortment of clothing here regardless of brand.

blogshop dealsImage credit: Blogshop Deals

The beauty of selling your clothes on this channel is that it’s easy to sift out items by simply searching for brands or particular items via the search bar. Make sure to include common keywords like’ floral’ and silhouette type in your listing.

Pro tip: To showcase your listings to a wider audience, Blogshop Market is another curated blogshop clothing group that people use to sell their garms from Charles and Keith, ASOS and Zara, among others.

Number of members: 2.9KJoin Blogshop Deals.

5. Dayreselling – open community with brand new hype clothing

dayreselling hype clothing listingPopular streetwear brands like Fear Of God and Justin Bieber’s Drew House have pre-order products posted in the group rather oftenImage credit: Dayreselling

“Like Carousell, but without lowballers” – that’s Dayreselling’s group description, and true to their word, prices here are close to their original amount. You’re welcome to list your pre-loved clothing here, but since there’s no restriction on what you can sell, you’ll also see other options like watches, scrunchies and even cleansers.

“Scene kids” will have plenty to look forward to – a high frequency of hype apparel posts can be found here. So if you’ve outgrown your limited edition cops, you’ll be able to recoup some moolah by selling off your prized possessions to others.

Number of members: 886Join Dayreselling.

6. KIMI Market – for basics and unbranded clothing

kimi market telegram groupImage credit: KIMI Market

Just like Sell ur clothes, KIMI Market is also a diversified group that allows the sale of accessories along with your pre-loved or new clothes. Active from 11AM-8PM daily, a maximum of four listings are allowed to go up every hour – so you can post a grand total of 32 listings a day for some mass clearances.

scheduled message on telegramScheduled Messages allows you to be the early bird that catches the worm when it comes to listing your items

Pro tip: Posting a message every 15 minutes on the dot might seem like a tall order, but it’s actually a simple task using Telegram’s ‘Schedule Message’. Simply hold down on the arrow button before sending your message, and you’ll have the chance to schedule a date and time for your listings to go up!

Number of members: 704Join KIMI Market.

7. Bhabie’s Market – female-only marketplace opened daily from 2PM-6PM (CLOSED)

the rules and listing on bhabie's marketYes, I infiltrated this female-only space to suss out the stringent rules that ward off inconsiderate usersImage adapted from: Bhabie’s Market

Filled with 1.7K members, expect tons of eyeballs on your products when you list them on Bhabie’s Market. Just like a physical store, this digital marketplace has “opening hours” of sorts – the group sparks to life with listings between 2PM-6PM so you won’t be bombarded with spam messages apart from that four-hour window.

A template is also provided to fill in your items’ deets like its shirt size and measurements, so no unsightly chunks of text will steer potential buyers away. You’re also only allowed one post per hour, which is a rule implemented to prevent one person’s wardrobe taking away attention from other sellers.

Number of members: 1.7KJoin Bhabie’s Market.

Selling clothes on Telegram groups

Whether you’re selling away old threads as a source of side income or to prep for your next shopping spree, Telegram groups are your best bet to help clear your closet. 

With these seven Telegram groups to sell your clothes now at your disposal, you can finally live and breathe the mantra ‘out with the old, in with the new’.

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Cover image adapted from: Lovet FamBhabie’s MarketOriginally published on 9th February 2021. Last updated by Dewi Nurjuwita on 29th June 2022. 


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