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10 Best Places To Catch Fireworks In Singapore This NYE 2023, Including Lesser-Known Spots

NYE fireworks in Singapore

NYE isn’t complete without firework displays. After all, there’s nothing like ending off the year with a bang. Just about every year, some of us would be flocking to Marina Bay or the heartlands to catch a glimpse these pyrotechnic displays. Although, sometimes it almost feels as if the whole of Singapore is there. 

If you’re trying to find a less crowded spot to catch the fireworks, we’ve rounded up the best places to catch fireworks this NYE.

– Best viewing spots –

1. Bay East Garden – Unobstructed views of the Marina Bay fireworks

Bay East Garden - New Year FireworksImage credit: @princess.kyoko via Instagram

Marina Bay is probably the first place that comes to mind when you think of NYE fireworks. For superior views without needing to be right in the middle of the action, head to Bay East Garden. You’ll get an unobstructed view of the fireworks with our iconic skyline as the backdrop – sans the crowd.

Sit on one of the many park benches or lay a picnic mat down on the grass patches while enjoying the display with your loved ones. And now that the Gardens By The Bay MRT station has opened as part of the Thomson-East Coast Line, it’s a lot more accessible too.

Address: 11 Rhu Cross, Singapore 437440Contact: 6420 6848

2. Marina Barrage – Picnic under the fireworks

Marina Barrage - New Year FireworksImage credit: @ galile_x via Instagram

For a picnic under the stars – and fireworks – Marina Barrage is a popular choice. You can find people picnicking there throughout the year, but especially on NYE. As such, we recommend coming early to chope a spot there.

It overlooks the Singapore skyline, which makes it a great viewing spot for the fireworks. Remember: if got a lot of people, means it’s good. 

Address: 8 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore 018951

3. Merlion Park – Usher in the new year with our national mascot

Merlion Park - New Year Fireworks|Image credit: @menglongcong via Instagram

Another popular spot to view the fireworks from is Merlion Park. There are steps right next to the half-lion half-fish statue where you can sit at. With this spot being right at the edge, you’ll get a clear and close view of the fireworks display.  Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2024 (Teaser)play buttonMarina Bay Singapore Countdown 2024 (Teaser)

Across the water, the flower-shaped ArtScience Museum will also be swathed in mesmerising light projections.

The Merlion will even light up in flamboyant colours and patterns as part of the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2024 celebration. An emphatic countdown will also be flashed onto the iconic water-spouting statue as onlookers watch the seconds tick down with bated breath.

Here’s a fun fact: The Merlion has been strategically placed to face East for good feng shui. So you’ll be sure to enter the new year with some good luck. Who knows, you might even end up imitating it when your jaw drops while watching the spectacular show in the sky.

Address: 1 Fullerton Road, Singapore 049213

4. Sentosa Central Beach Bazaar – Free fireworks & drone show

Sentosa Central Beach Bazaar - New Year FireworksIt’s free entry to Sentosa’s Countdown to 2024, so head down earlier to beat the like-minded crowds and secure a spot with your trusty beach mats.Image adapted from: @sentosa_island via Instagram

Mainland Singapore’s ain’t the only place revelling in the year-end festivities. Sentosa’s known for throwing the most rambunctious parties of the land, such as Zoukout and Sentosa Music Fest, so trust them to host a killer NYE countdown as well. This year, they’re upping the ante by accompanying their fireworks show with a choreographed drone show.

Sentosa Drone Show - New Year FireworksImage adapted from: @sentosa_island via Instagram

Watch as dozens of drones seemingly dance as orbs of lights to form intricate displays, followed by a 10-minute long fireworks display. The prime viewing points to watch the magic unfold include the Central Beach Bazaar, the Wings of Time seating gallery, and the Sentosa Sensoryscape

For those who don’t have to tuck the lil’ ones into bed just yet, beach clubs like Tipsy Unicorn Beach Club and 1-Altitude Coast are hosting raves that’ll have you partying into the wee hours of the morning. There’s nothing quite like starting 2024 with your best dancing foot forward.

Address: 60 Siloso Beach Walk, Singapore 098997

– Lesser-known spots –

5. Arena @ Our Tampines Hub – Catch fireworks in the heartlands

Fireworks At Our Tampines Hub - New Year FireworksImage credit: Our Tampines Hub via Facebook

Every year, Our Tampines Hub (OTH) has a countdown event to usher in the new year. While some may choose to watch the fireworks from the heart of OTH or nearby blocks, a good viewing spot is The Arena @ Our Tampines Hub.

Easties, this one’s a good option if you’d rather not make the downtown trip to mingle with the hoards of people at Marina Bay. Although OTH is quite the hotspot when it comes to these large-scale events in the heartlands, at least you’ll have a quick and fuss-free trip back home when everything’s done and dusted. 

Alternatively, there are a couple of late-night eateries to chill at while you and the squad ponder over new year resolutions. Hit up either the tried and tested Encik Tan, or make the stroll over to the 24-hour McDonald’s, both at OTH. 

Address: 1 Tampines Walk, Singapore 528523

6. Tanjong Rhu Promenade – Marina Bay skyline view without crowds

Tanjong Rhu Promenade - New Year FireworksImage credit: @tris_soh via Instagram

If Bay East Garden and Marina Barrage are a tad too mainstream for you, go a little further down to Tanjong Rhu Promenade. We recommend renting a bike and cycling down – it’s well worth it for the peace and quiet you’d get.

Fireworks aside, enjoy a picturesque view of the river as you stroll along the promenade and stand at the Tanjong Rhu Lookout Tower or Suspension Bridge. Here’s the perfect opportunity to take a moment to reflect on the year as you gaze out at the sick views.

Address: 50 Tanjong Rhu Place, Singapore 436621

7. High Street Centre Car Park – Lesser-known spot by the SG River

High Street Centre Car ParkImage credit: @lorenz_huang via Instagram

We know what you’re probably thinking, “a car park for fireworks?” Well, High Street Centre Car Park is often overlooked but it’s a hidden gem for a nice view of the Singapore River landscape. Head up to the 5th floor of the carpark for a higher view of the area.

It’s a 6-minute walk from both Clarke Quay and City Hall; so you can grab an EOY dinner with loved ones before heading over for the fireworks display.

Address: 1 North Bridge Road, Singapore 179094Contact: 6631 0078

8. Nicoll Highway – Peaceful riverbank

Nicoll Highway RiverbankImage credit:  고윈ᄐugly via Google Maps

If you’d like a rather ulu spot that is a good distance away, there’s a little park that’s just a 2-minute walk from Nicoll Highway MRT. You can sit by the riverbank with your loved one and watch the light show from afar. So you’ll also be spared the loud popping sounds from fireworks while getting to enjoy them visually.

While clear views are not guaranteed, you can enjoy a relaxing picnic or stroll here to enter the new year with a calmer mindset. There are shelters and a public toilet too so you’ll be dry if it were to rain.

Nicoll Highway riverbank on Google Maps 

9. Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore – Alternative view of the city

Marina Bay Cruise Centre SingaporeImage adapted from: Jeremy John Kum via Google Maps

Those who go on cruises to let off some steam will be familiar with the Marina Bay Cruise Centre. Located at Marina South Pier, you can get a sweeping view of Singapore from there. 

Specifically, head to the carpark’s top floor where you’ll find symmetrical architecture that frames the landscape nicely. Simply look out for the large wheel, the Singapore Flyer, to agak-agak where the fireworks will be. 

While the view may not be as promising as the Esplanade, risk-takers can try hitting this place up to see if they can catch the fireworks from there. One thing’s for sure, the sound of the fireworks will be softer on the ears.

Address: 61 Marina Coastal Drive, Singapore 018947

10. Golden Mile Tower Car Park – Rooftop hideout facing Marina Bay

Golden Mile Tower Car ParkImage credit: @theredyolonote via Instagram

A hidden gem within the town area is Golden Mile Complex. Since the popular Golden Mile Complex rooftop has been closed off to the public, we have an alternative close by – Golden Mile Tower Car Park

While not as high up, it still offers a good view of the city and fireworks display. Head up to the top floor of the open-air car park and perch on the parapet facing Marina Bay. It also features some vibrant designs of its own with a grey and turquoise colour palette.

Address: 6001 Beach Road, Singapore 199589Contact: 6856 6600

11. Mount Faber Peak – Romantic dinner overlooking fireworks

Mount Faber Peak

We all know Mount Faber for its Sentosa-bound cable cars – in fact, they’ve even kicked things up a notch with their Pokémon-themed cabins which are in service till 31st December 2023. With that in mind, Faber Peak is also another secluded getaway for you and a special someone to clink glasses as you usher in the new year.

Arbora Hilltop Garden & Bistro

Since it’s a lofty vantage point facing Sentosa, you’ll be perched high enough to appreciate the aforementioned offshore fireworks. There are also a couple of bars and restaurants to dine at, such as Arbora Hilltop Garden & Bistro if you’d like a romantic dinner date accentuated by the glow of the fireworks. 

Address: 109 Mount Faber Road, Singapore 099203

Watch the fireworks from your desired vantage point

NYE comes once a year, so it’s no wonder some are willing to pull out all the stops for this occasion. Whether you’re the kind who likes to soak in the lively atmosphere or relax in tranquillity, you’ll find a firework-viewing spot on this list that will check off some boxes.

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Cover image adapted from: Our Tampines Hub via Facebook, @menglongcong, @princess.kyoko & @sentosa_island via Instagram.Originally published on 24th December 2022. Last updated by Khoo Yong Hao on 26th December 2023.Avatar

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