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20 Cutest AirPods Cases You Can Get Online Below $7 Across Models To Up Your Mobile Accessory Game

AirPods cases in Singapore

Phone cases are a cute way to express yourself but AirPods cases are on another level. You can pin them onto your bags or jeans and showcase cute cases that reflect your personality and interests. From superheroes to tasty treats, here are 20 of the most aesthetic AirPods cases to up your accessories game. 

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AirPods cases in Singapore1. Fortune Cat2. Meiji milk bottles3. Steamed stuffed dumpling4. Pink Starbucks drinks5. Studio Ghibli6. Harry Potter7. Golden Snitch8. Cardcaptor Sakura9. Sailor Moon & Kirby10. Starry Night11. Metallic DC & Marvel theme12. Pocky Sticks13. Sushi14. Gudetama15. Panda-chu16. Fluffy puppies17. Samyang Spicy Noodles18. Mini Celine bag19. Mario & Toad20. Kirby phoneCheck out these cute AirPods cases

1. Fortune Cat

Fortune Cat Airpods CaseImage credit: Lazada 

CNY may be over but that doesn’t mean we can’t revel in a little huat couture with some accessories. These Fortune Cat ($5.44) AirPods cases come in white, brown, red, and black. Clip these on your fit for a lucky look. 

Suitable for: AirPods Pro

Get the Fortune Cat AirPods case

2. Meiji milk bottles

Meiji Milk Bottle AirPods CasesImage credit: Shopee

These mini Meiji milk bottles ($4.31) are to die for – and not in a calcium deficiency kind of way. They’re available in both strawberry and chocolate milk designs, and so we’ve definitely got a taste for these cases. 

Suitable for: 1st, 2nd Generation, and AirPods Pro

Get the Meiji milk bottle AirPods cases.

3. Steamed stuffed dumpling

Steaming Stuffed Dumpling AirPods CaseImage credit: Shopee

Reminiscent of our baby nieces and nephews with their chubby cheeks, this steamed stuffed dumpling ($6.46) case is absolutely a-pau-rable. Its tiny smile and blushing cheeks make it the cutest lil’ dumpling we’ve ever seen. 

Suitable for: 1st, 2nd Generation, and AirPods Pro

Get the Steamed stuffed dumping AirPods case.

4. Pink Starbucks drinks

Pink Starbucks Drinks AirPods CaseImage credit: Lazada 

The Starbies girlies are gonna love this. These pink Starbucks drinks ($3.62) cases, topped with whipped cream and sprinkles, make for an adorable choice for anyone who’s into pink or the coffee chain. 

Suitable for: 1st, 2nd Generation, and AirPods Pro

Get the Pink Starbucks drinks AirPods case.

5. Studio Ghibli

Studio Ghibli AirPods CasesImage adapted from Shopee

Fans of Studio Ghibli films will be glad to know that they can rep their favourite characters as Studio Ghibli cases ($6.50). There is a one-stop shop on Shopee where you can score beloved characters like Totoro, Mini Totoro, Dust Bunnies, No Face, Red Pig, and Ponyo. 

Suitable for: 1st, 2nd Generation, and AirPods Pro

Get the Studio Ghibli AirPods case.

6. Harry Potter

Harry Potter AirPods CasesImage credit: Shopee

Here’s something for you Potterheads out there. These Harry Potter cases ($4.85) are a caricature of the wizard himself, complete with the lightning birthmark. Bring Harry around with you on your invisibility cloak or flying broom. 

Suitable for: 1st, 2nd Generation, and AirPods Pro

Get the Harry Potter AirPods case

7. Golden Snitch

Harry Potter Golden Snitch AirPods CaseImage credit: Shopee

Call us the Golden Snitch ($4.97) because we’re squealing about these amazing cases. Impress your fellow muggles and be the talk of the town with these Golden Snitch AirPods cases that are sadly not built to play Quidditch with. 

Suitable for: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Generation, and AirPods Pro

Get the Golden Snitch AirPods cases.

8. Cardcaptor Sakura

 Cardcaptor Sakura Wand AirPods CaseImage credit: Shopee

Fans of Cardcaptor Sakura will love Cardcaptor wand cases (from $4.20) that come in 2 different pink hues. Embody the power of magic and the power of light with these cute cases and unleash your inner Sakura Kinomoto. Sadly, you will not get your own Cerberus here. 

Suitable for: 1st and 2nd Generation, and AirPods Pro

Get the Cardcaptor Sakura AirPods case.

9. Sailor Moon & Kirby

Sailor Moon and Kirby AirPods CaseImage credit: Shopee

These super kawaii Sailor Moon and Kirby cases ($6.90) are perfect for anyone who’s obsessed with Sailor Moon or is just a fan of anything cute and pink. They also come with a cute Kirby keychain. Name us a more iconic duo.

Suitable for: 1st, 2nd Generation, and AirPods Pro

Get the Sailor Moon and Kirby AirPods case.

10. Starry Night

Starry Night AirPods CaseImage credit: Shopee

Aesthetes, you’ll love these Starry Night ($6.47) AirPod cases. Take a piece of art with you whenever you Gogh. You might even wanna bring them to the new Van Gogh exhibition happening at Resorts World Sentosa. While the artwork may be priceless, these AirPods cases will definitely save you a pretty penny. 

Suitable for: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Generation, and AirPods Pro

Get the Starry Night AirPods case.

11. Metallic DC & Marvel theme

Metallic DC & Marvel AirPods casesImage adapted from: Shopee 

Show off your superhero bias with these metallic DC and Marvel logo cases (from $5.93). Embody your favourite character with logos of icons like Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Superman, and Batman. 

Suitable for: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Generation, and AirPods Pro

Get the Metallic DC & Marvel theme AirPods cases.

12. Pocky Sticks

Pocky Sticks AirPods case

Image credit: Shopee 

Everyone’s favourite nostalgic snack, Pocky Sticks (from $4.31), is now an AirPods case and they’re just as cute as the real thing. Available in both green and pink, they are representative of matcha and strawberry flavours respectively.

Suitable for: 1st, 2nd Generation, and AirPods Pro

Get the Pocky AirPods case

13. Sushi

Sashimi AirPods CaseImage credit: Lazada

You can ofishally call yourself a sushi lover with this sashimi AirPod case ($5.16). These cases look deceptively like the real deal – just make sure not to accidentally dip it in soy sauce when you’re getting your sushi fix. 

Suitable for: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Generation, and AirPods Pro.

Get the Sashimi AirPods case.

14. Gudetama

Gudetama AirPods CasesImage credit: Shopee 

Gude tama tama. Everyone’s favourite irreverent egg, Gudetama ($3.92), is now an AirPod case. These cases are no yolk, they’re available in 2 different designs, one of which shows his signature bottom. 

Suitable for: 1st, 2nd Generation, and AirPods Pro

Get the Gudetama AirPods case

15. Panda-chu

Panda Pikachu AirPods CasesImage credit: Shopee 

Pikachu is cute but he’s even cuter when he’s dressed like a panda. These adorable Panda-chu cases ($6.47) will definitely be worth choosing – and don’t worry, there won’t be any lightning bolts coming out of this Pikachu. 

Suitable for: 1st, 2nd Generation, and AirPods Pro

Get the Panda-chu AirPods case.

16. Fluffy puppies

Fluffy Puppies AirPods CasesImage credit: Shopee 

We’re all fans of fluffy little puppies but these fluffy pupper AirPod cases ($6.26) are just the epitome of adorable. The cases are available in white, brown, and light brown, so you can have your pick of the most adorable puppy. 

Suitable for: 1st, 2nd Generation, and AirPods Pro

Get the Fluffy puppy AirPods cases

17. Samyang Spicy Noodles

Samyang Spicy Noodles AirPods CaseImage credit: Shopee 

These flaming hot Samyang spicy noodles ($5.40) cases take the term fire accessories to another level. Stun in this spicy staple and carry your AirPods around in style – and unlike the real thing, these cases won’t leave you stuck in the bathroom all night. 

Suitable for: 1st and 2nd Generation, and AirPods Pro 

Get the Samyang spicy noodles AirPods case.

18. Mini Celine bag

Mini Celine Bag AirPods CaseImage credit: Shopee

Be a boujee baby with a mini Celine bag ($3.78) for an AirPods case. Très chic. While an actual Celine bag may set you back a couple of thousand dollars, this stylish case will only cost you a couple of dollars. 

Suitable for: 1st, 2nd Generation, and AirPods Pro

Get the Mini Celine bag AirPods case

19. Mario & Toad

Mario and Toad AirPods CasesImage credit: Shopee

It’s-a me, Mario, the AirPods case. You won’t have to fight Donkey Kong to grab these adorable Mario and Toad AirPods cases (4.32)

Suitable for: 1st, 2nd Generation, and AirPods Pro 

Get the Mario and Toad AirPods cases.

20. Kirby phone

Kirby Phones AirPods CasesImage credit: Shopee

Kirby fanatics will love these Kirby Phone AirPod cases ($4.30). Reminiscent of those toy phones we bought at pasar malams, these cases have a fun, nostalgic vibe to them. Fortunately for us, we won’t have to travel back in time to get them. 

Suitable for: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Generation and AirPods Pro

Get the Kirby phone AirPods case.

Check out these cute AirPods cases

Customising your mobile accessories have come a long way from painstakingly bedazzling them by hand in our rooms in 2008. Up your accessory game with a variety of cute AirPods cases – from smiley steamed dumplings to fluffy puppies. This way, you’ll let your mobile accessories do all the talking. 

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Cover image adapted from: Shopee, Shopee, Shopee, Shopee.


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