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Avery-Day In JB Is A Santorini-Themed Convenience Store With Japanese Snacks & Pretty Photo Ops

Avery-Day convenience store in JB

Weekend trips to JB are back in full force. You’re probably one of many who queues up at immigration. Or, if you’ve read our guide to applying for E-gate to Malaysia from Singapore, one of a select few who can breeze through in minutes to hit up KSL City Mall and the Grecian-inspired convenience store just opposite.

That would be Avery-Day, a kobini (Japanese term for convenience store) that specialises in Japanese goods, on top of the basic cup noodles and potato chips. 7-Eleven enthusiasts might be converted to Avery-Day–ists, as this convenience store is an upgrade from your regular convenience store – featuring an alfresco dining deck on its 2nd floor and plenty of photo ops. 

Santorini-themed white & blue decor

avery-day - covenience store jbImage credit: Avery-Day via Google Maps

The entrance of Avery-Day is covered in hues of blue and white, along with concrete steps and beach brollies. Inspired by the white bricks of Santorini in Greece, the convenience store applies a modern touch by including neon signs and fairy lights to its decor. 

avery-day - interior

On the 1st floor, there are shelves upon shelves of snacks like cup noodles, potato chips, biscuits, and even ready-to-eat meals. Avery-Day also has a hot food bar selling sweet potato fries and buffalo wings, amongst other fried goodies for a sinful treat. 

avery-day - makeupYou’ll also find makeup products here should you need to doll up at the last minute.Image credit: Oh Qian Yi

Japanese snacks & daily bakes

avery-day - japanese snacks and bakes

Apart from the average F&B, Avery-Day is a distributor of Japanese snack brands. Here, you’ll find drinks like the Nonde Oishii Vanilla Soft and Suntory fruit teas, as well as unique ice cream bars rarely found in typical convenience stores.

avery-day - vburg cakesTo ensure customers get the freshest cakes and buns, vburg bakes them daily in-store.Image credit: 小虫WeiXiang via Google Maps

From the cashier, take a left to the Avery-Day’s bakery partner – Grab & Go by vburg. The glass display houses pretty cakes, bread, and mouth-watering pastries. Cue a chorus of oohs and aahs. We were just as surprised to find a bakery within a convenience store. It’s perfect for curing sugar cravings.

Enjoy your food & snacks at an open-air rooftop seating area

avery-day - 2nd floor stepsImage adapted from: @vivixcwei via Instagram

Now, with food and drinks in hand, head towards the 2nd floor via the staircase on the right after making payment at the cashier. If you time your visit right, you might even get rays of sunshine for a lit pic. 

avery-day - rooftop areaPaw-rents, local or visiting, can safely bring their pups upstairs and enjoy their nosh of choice.Image adapted from: @nurulthaqifah8, @corgi__latte via Instagram

The 2nd floor is an alfresco dining deck sporting the classic Santorini white and blue. Dotted with tables and chairs, the rooftop area is where patrons can chill and munch on their newly-acquired snacks. 

In the event that the weather starts acting up and sending showers of rain, there are 2 options to avoid getting wet – open the beach brollies situated by the railing of the deck; or take refuge in the indoor seating area next to the washroom. 

avery-day - washroomRight down to the washroom, Avery-Day is full of IG-worthy spots.Image adapted from: @myctpie & @jianwennl via Instagram

Yup, they even have their own washroom – decorated in the same blue and white palette. I can personally testify to its cleanliness as well. Before you bounce off to another location, gather up the gang and pose for a cute mirror groupfie.

avery-day - fire escapeThe spiral staircase proves to be a photospot too, besides being the alternate way to the 2nd floor.Image credit: @omei_7 via Instagram

Santorini-inspired Avery-Day convenience store

avery-day - exterior

Avery-Day’s aesthetic is serving major cafe vibes. Needless to say, I made my colleague take some photos for me to amp up my IG feed. After spending some time here, we had to remind ourselves that we were still in a convenience store. 

Located conveniently just across the street from KSL City Mall, or a 10-minute drive from JB customs, this convenience store is a place you can bookmark for when you need a spot to chill at post-retail therapy.

Find out more about Avery-Day in JB

Address: No. 2, Jalan Rusa 6, Taman Abad 80250 Johor Bahru, Johor, MalaysiaOpening hours: 9am-12am, DailyContact: +60 16-250 1266 

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Cover image adapted from: Avery-Day & 小虫WeiXiang via Google MapsPhotography by Alvin Wong.


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