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11 Best Nightclubs In Singapore To Party At – Hidden Clubs, Secret LGBTQ Bar & Affordable Drinks

Best clubs in Singapore

You might stan sports bars and cocktail lounges. But after a long week at work, losing yourself on the dance floor is exactly what the doctor ordered.

This weekend, gather under the disco ball with a drink in hand. Primed with impressive DJ sets and trippy LED lights, these are the 11 best clubs in Singapore for you to beat work stress and unleash your inner Michael Jackson.

Table of Contents

Best clubs in Singapore1. Marquee – EDM megaclub with famous international DJs2. Avenue – Intimate Hip Hop lounge3. Drip – Berlin-inspired underground club4. Luxe Club – SG’s newest mega club5. Conversion Clinic – LGBTQ-friendly hidden club6. Zouk – Multi-room venue playing different genres7. Yang – Hidden club in Clarke Quay8. CE LA VI – Rooftop lounge at MBS9. Cherry Discotheque – Affordable drinks in CBD10. Headquarters By The Council – Underground Techno & House11. PRISM Club – Free manicure & tarot reading on ladies’ nightTips for clubbing in 20231. Pregame prior to going out2. Plan trip home in advance3. Befriend the doorman for free entry

1. Marquee – EDM megaclub with famous international DJs

Ask anyone around town about nightclubs, and chances are they’ll tell you about Marquee – a Singapore staple – where some of the country’s richest people blow thousands of dollars every weekend.

best-clubs-singaporeTheir monthly lineup used to feature A-listers such as Tyga and Martin Garrix.

After opening in 2019, this bi-level mega-club quickly became the place to be for those who like electronic music and famous DJs. Tiesto used to spin semi-regular sets and Zedd stopped by when he wasn’t busy in Vegas. Not to mention, Steve Aoki has thrown cakes twice from the booth.

Technology is almost as big an attraction as the eclectic DJ lineup. The space is designed with your Instagram in mind – with a slide, a ferris wheel and an 8K screen that delivers the realest visuals. Needless to say, Marquee dominates Singapore’s nightlife scene with bottle service, an all-star lineup, heart-thumping beats, and a posh crowd.

Cover charge: From $40Address: 2 Bayfront Avenue, #B1-67, Singapore 018972Opening hour: Fri-Sat 10pm-6am (Closed from Sundays to Thursdays)Contact: 6688 8660

2. Avenue – Intimate Hip Hop lounge

If you find yourself outside of Marquee but EDM isn’t your cup of tea, it’s not too late to take a short walk to Avenue. Also located inside Marina Bay Sands and run by the same entertainment group, Avenue is the place to be for those who’d rather sway and bend knees to the beats of Hip Hop.

best-clubs-singaporeImage credit: @avenuesingapore via Instagram

Here, expect to find games like 2 mini bowling alleys and a pool table, as well as a private room with a karaoke machine and a personal bar. Virgil Abloh was dropping deep tunes at its grand opening, which makes us believe huge headliners are set to spin here on the regular.

The dance floor seems smaller than most clubs in Singapore. But if you have a table or are invited to one, feel free to clamber onto the sofa and twerk away.

Cover charge: Enquire with establishmentAddress: 2 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018972Opening hour: Thu-Sat 8pm-3am (Closed from Sundays to Wednesdays)Contact:  6688 8660

3. Drip – Berlin-inspired underground club

Multiple dance floors, kitschy decor, and heart-thumping beats are what you’ll find at Drip.


Located in the basement of the Concord Hotel & Shopping Mall, the club came through dripping in funky artwork, sculptures, and HDB-inspired dance podiums. LED-lit panels line the walls and old-school chess tiles cover the ceiling too, so it’s a photo op at every corner.

As for the music, Drip offers underground house and EDM in the main Drip Room, but often spices things up with some hip hop and top 40 hits in the Salt Room. 

Cover charge: From $30Address: 100 Orchard Road, Singapore 238840Opening hours: Fri-Sat 10pm-3am (Closed from Sundays to Thursdays)Contact: 80326226

4. Luxe Club – SG’s newest mega club

Occupying the space that Bang Bang used to be, Luxe Club is lit till 4am on most nights. 

The 4,000sqft swanky space is the kind of place you’ll see in music videos. There’s an illuminated entry tunnel, a kinetic light art installation, and a giant bar near the entrance. Local acts like Sound Of Fai spin a wide variety of tunes here, ranging from 2000s top hits and latest EDM to deep and dirty house beats.

On Wednesday night, ladies get free entry and 2 free drinks when you get there before 12.30am.

Entry: From $30/personAddress: 7 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039595Opening hours: Wed-Fri 10pm-3am | Sat 10pm-3am (Closed from Sunday to Tuesday)Contact: 88709010

5. Conversion Clinic – LGBTQ-friendly hidden club

We’ll cut to the chase here: there’s no conversion clinic on Neil Road. What you might have walked past or seen floating on social media is a club where the LGBTQ crowd comes to play.

conversion-clinic-singaporeImage credit: District Singapore Facebook

Once you get past the initial shock by  The Clinic’s front, proceed to the back where quirky graffiti wall arts, drag shows, and stiff drinks await. Martinis start at $16 a glass, but go for a cocktail jug ($60) and share it with your squad.

The raucous party at The Clinic only kickstarts around 11pm so, by all means, stay.

Cover charge: TBDAddress: 43 Neil Road, Singapore 088825Opening hours: Mon-Thu 7pm-12am | Fri 8pm-1am | Sat 8pm-2am (Closed on Sundays &PH)

6. Zouk – Multi-room venue playing different genres

When it comes to nightclubs, Zouk is always a safe bet. It has 3 rooms dedicated to different types of music. While Phuture blasts mostly Hip Hop and R&B, Capital serves up old school Pop, House and Electronic. Queen, on the other hand, is a more lowkey cocktail bar where you most likely won’t have to yell in your friend’s ears over the loud music. 

MarqueeImage credit: @bryner_colossal via Instagram

This weekend, take it to the dance floor, bounce from room to room, and fist-pump your night away.

Cover charge: From $45Address: 3C River Valley Road, #01-05, Singapore 179022Opening hour: Wed-Sat 10pm-3am (Closed from Sundays to Tuesdays)Contact: 6738 2988 

7. Yang – Hidden club in Clarke Quay

There’s more to Clarke Quay than just dive bars, Zouk and Haidilao. There’s also the buzzing Yang, where you can grind to the beats of your favourite K-Pop tunes and Top 40 hits.

best-clubs-singaporeImage credit: @bryner_colossal via Instagram

This lavish nightclub has plenty of charm with its plush blue couches, a golden cage-like dance platform and velvety purple curtains. On deck is usually a lineup of local DJs with the occasional international headliners covering anything from Electronic to Hip Hop.

If you haven’t made any plans for 20th April, hit Yang up and drop it low on the dance floor. Just remember to make a reservation in advance. 

Cover charge: From $30Address: 3A River Valley Road, #01-02, Singapore 179020Opening hour: Fri-Sat 10pm-3am (Closed from Sundays to Thursdays)Contact: 6261 1189

8. CE LA VI – Rooftop lounge at MBS

CE LA VI might be a little smaller than other clubs, but that only adds to the energy and atmosphere at this ultra-modern rooftop lounge.

celaviImage credit: @celavisingapore via Instagram

Between Sam Smith and David Beckham, it’s clear that this poshy lounge is where international A-listers used to frequent and where you can camp out to get a pic or 2 with celebrities. DJs spun a mix of new wave Electronic, oldie Hip Hop and down-and-dirty RnB, while the crowd sipped on drinks and admired the panoramas of the city skyline 57 floors above the ground.

Cover charge: Enquire with establishmentAddress: 1 Bayfront Avenue,  Singapore 018971Opening hour: Wed 5pm-3am | Thu 5pm-1am | Fri 5pm-3am | Sat 12pm-3am | Sun 12pm-1am (Closed on Mondays & Tuesdays)Contact: 6508 2188 

9. Cherry Discotheque – Affordable drinks in CBD

Don’t let anyone tell you there aren’t any good late-night spots in the CBD. Tucked away on Cecil Street, Cherry Discotheque is lit until 3am most night. Here, you’ll be able to catch live DJs, groove to the beats of Top 40 jams and order cheap alcohol with a side of fried popcorn chicken.

cherry-discothequeImage credit: @sunnydelacruz via Instagram

Unless you have a table reservation, you’ll be waiting in line with gaggles of girls singing to 50 Cents’ classics. Judging from the look of the younger crowd in sneakers and shorts previously, it’s safe to assume Cherry Discotheque is a stomping ground for the newly legal undergraduates. 

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t swing by for some reasonably priced drinks, 90’s Hip Hop and Reggaeton.

Cover charge: From $32.50Address: 133 Cecil Street, Singapore 069535Opening hour: Tue-Sat 8pm-3am (Closed on Sundays & Mondays)Contact: 9826 5055

10. Headquarters By The Council – Underground Techno & House

For a grungy dungeon-like club with some of the best Deep House and Techno tunes, make your way to Headquarters By The Council.

headquarters-singaporeImage credit: @headquarters.sg via Instagram

There are no flashy dancers, trains of champagne and bottle services here. Once you descend the staircase into this underground space, you’ll be greeted by a rave crowd who passionately sways to the throbbing tech-house tracks spun by a lineup of both established local and international DJs. 

If you need to give your ears and eyes a break, head to the upstairs space for some fresh air, chill vibes and sizzling hot wings.

Address: 66 Boat Quay, Singapore 049854Opening hour: Fri-Sat 8pm-3am (Closed from Sundays to Thursdays)Contact: 8751 7430

11. PRISM Club – Free manicure & tarot reading on ladies’ night

Themed parties at the clubs are usually reserved for Halloween or Valentine’s. But hit PRISM on the right weekend, and you’re likely to find patrons in costumes dropping it low on the dance floor.

prism singaporeImage credit: @djcherish via Instagram

The sounds over here are heavy on HipHop and Top40, with the occasional big-name artists like Kid Ink making an appearance. Every Wednesday night, ladies get free manicures, tarot reading, and chocolate served by shirtless waiters. 

PRISM is jam-packed straight from Wednesday to Saturday, especially on themed nights like angels and devils and pyjamas.

Cover charge: From $30Address: 6 Raffles Boulevard, #01-04, Singapore 039594Opening hours: Wed-Sat 10pm-3am (Closed from Sundays to Tuesdays)Contact: 8139 9437

Tips for clubbing in 2023

We had no problems forking out big bucks to cover our clubbing expenses back then and we certainly won’t now. However, there are a few things you can do to save some money and still do it big.

1. Pregame prior to going out

Whether you’re heading to a lowkey bar in Clarke Quay or the swanky rooftop of Marina Bay Sands, a night of paying for booze might burn a hole in your back pocket. Well, here’s a solution: pre-drink at home.


Buy your party a bottle of vodka, tequila, gin – whatever you like – and bottoms up prior to going out. Not only will it give you a good buzz, it’ll also hopefully reduce the number of drinks you’re planning to order. Just make sure you won’t overdo it and get wasted before even reaching the club.

To get the party started, here’s a list of all the affordable alcohol shops so you can stock up on bottles.

2. Plan trip home in advance

A trip home from the club can be a pricey one, somewhere between $20-$30 or more due to the after-hours surcharge. Since you’d rather spend that money on another round of shots at the bar, you might want to consider pre-planning your ride home.


There are a few options: have a designated driver AKA a sober sister in your group who doesn’t drink but still wants to join the party to drop you off at home; book a Grab Hitch in advance; or wait for public transportation to resume at 5.30am. However, the latter might require some serious willpower and a lot of energy drinks

3. Befriend the doorman for free entry

After almost 2 years of being out of business, clubs are in the mood to make some money. So don’t be surprised if there are no complimentary guest lists or free drinks for ladies. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t try to weasel your way in without paying.


When it comes to clubbing, if you can’t afford to make it rain on expensive bottles, you’ll need to make friends with the right people in order to get freebies. Think club managers, bouncers and door hosts or hostesses. These are the people who have the power to let you cut the line, skip the cover charge and waltz in even when the club has allegedly hit its capacity.

They also have something called drink tickets which can get you comfortably drunk at no extra cost. As the saying goes, it’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know that matters.

Plan a night out at the best clubs in Singapore

Whether you’re a homebody or a party animal, you’ll probably want to blow off some steam and check out the nightlife scene in Singapore. If that’s the case, bookmark these venues and mark your calendar.

Then, round up your squad, book a table, sort out your tickets and have a good time. You deserve it. 

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Cover image adapted from: @sunnydelacruz, District SingaporeOriginally published on 31st August 2022. Last updated by Samantha Nguyen on 21st April 2023.


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