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11 Best Confinement Centres & Nanny Services In Singapore For Mums To R&R After Having A Baby

Best confinement centres & services in Singapore

There are the 2 lines you hope to see on a test – you’re finally pregnant! Once you visit your gynae and have your estimated due date figured out, it’s time to start exploring relevant services for your confinement month.

Check out these confinement centres, agencies, and services so you can baby yourself while you rest and recover from the difficult period of pregnancy and delivery.

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Best confinement centres & services in SingaporeWhat confinement options are there?1. PEM – Largest confinement agency in Singapore2. NannySOS – Ad hoc babysitting services3. Confinement Angels – KKH-certified nannies4. Star Confinement Nanny – Experience with twin care5. TSM Confinement Nanny Agency – Veteran nannies6. ReJoy Suites – 1:4 nurse to baby ratio7. Kai Suites – Premium confinement centre with spa facilities8. The Clover Suites – Dietician-planned confinement meals9. My Queen – Located on Sentosa island10. NewLife Confinement Centre – 1 professional nanny per room11. Singjoy – Luxury confinement centre at Shangri-la ApartmentsBonus: Confinement massage & TCM services

What confinement options are there?

For most of us, there’s no place like home. Especially if you’re a first-time mum, you might want to get a confinement nanny to stay with you to help with feeding, bathing, diaper changing, and the cooking of nourishing meals while you focus on recovering from the birth, and bonding with your newborn.

Mother & BabyFirst-time parents in particular might need extra help with getting used to caring for a baby.

You can hire a nanny through a confinement agency, which is government-regulated and will handle everything from work permits and guarantees to training. Else, freelance nannies can also be found through Facebook groups such as Singapore Confinement Discussion Group or online parenting forums such as MummySG

The cost varies depending on the scope of duties, but ranges between $2,500-$4,000/month. Freelance nanny rates usually cost a little less, but you’ll usually have to manage their paperwork yourself. 

Then there are confinement centres, which are a fairly recent concept in Singapore. They’re great if you don’t have a spare room for your nanny or just want to get away from it all during your confinement month. However, be prepared to shell out a pretty penny for luxurious and comprehensive round-the-clock care.

If you only need your food baby taken care of during confinement, there are tingkat food delivery services that include confinement meal options.

– Confinement services –

1. PEM – Largest confinement agency in Singapore

Confinement Centres Services - PEM Confinement Nanny AgencyImage credit: PEM Confinement Nanny Agency via Facebook

PEM Confinement Nanny Agency has been around for more than 30 years and is MOM-certified. You’ll know you’re in good hands as their nannies undergo 150 hours of training before they are deployed. They also have free nanny replacement as part of the deal, just in case there are any hiccups during your confinement month.

Rates vary if you have a multiple birth such as twins, or you would like your nanny to do housework as well, so it’s best to contact them directly for a quotation.

Address: 7 Gambas Crescent, #09-10 Ark@Gambas, Singapore 757087Opening hours: 10pm-7pm, DailyContact: 6293 9249 | PEM Confinement Nanny website

2. NannySOS – Ad hoc babysitting services

If you’re on a budget or would like to engage a confinement nanny for a shorter period than a month, NannySOS’s confinement care starts from $1,999/14 days. They also do confinement food catering delivery to your doorstep ($35/trial meal), and pre- and postnatal massages (from $168/session).

Confinement Centres Services - Confinement NannySOSImage adapted from: Confinement NannySOS via Facebook

Perhaps you’re craving some couple time with the hubs and want to go on a long-awaited date night, or you both have important errands to run and you can’t bring the kids along. NannySOS also has ad hoc babysitting services ($25/hour) to help you keep an eye on the bubs for an afternoon or evening out.

Address: 750 Chai Chee Road, #01-07A, Singapore 469000Opening hours: 9am-7pm, DailyContact: 6817 2479 | NannySOS website

3. Confinement Angels – KKH-certified nannies

Confinement Centres Services - Confinement AngelsImage credit: @helloiammamachow via Instagram

You’ll be pleased to know that Confinement Angels’ nannies are KKH-certified so that your precious cargo will be well-taken care of. Theirs is the only confinement nanny agency that has an in-house training centre, and nannies are audited and certified before they are sent to your house.

Their nannies are trained in both Eastern and Western medical practices, and also provide breastfeeding support for those who prefer to go au naturale

Address: 76 Playfair Road, #01-04 LHK2 Building, Singapore 367996Opening hours: Mon-Sat 9am-7pm (Closed on Sundays)Contact: 8828 8415 | Confinement Angels website

4. Star Confinement Nanny – Experience with twin care

Confinement Centres Services - Star Confinement NannyImage credit: Ceriine Lee via Facebook

Taking care of a newborn is hard – taking care of 2 or more newborns is even harder. Thankfully, nannies from Star Confinement Nanny have experience taking care of twins and offer breastfeeding support, with up to 2 nanny changes if necessary.

​​Star Confinement Nanny Herbal ChickenImage credit: Phoebee Ong via Facebook

Nannies will also prepare herbs and tonics as part of the package, tailored according to your recovery progress each week.

Address: 8G Yio Chu Kang Road, ICB Shopping Centre, Singapore 545522Opening hours: 9am-9pm, DailyContact: 9889 7985 | Star Confinement Nanny website

5. TSM Confinement Nanny Agency – Veteran nannies

You and the bubs will be in good, experienced hands with nannies from TSM Confinement Nanny Agency, who have at least 5 to 7 years’ of experience on the job. The nannies will keep a detailed daily log to help you keep track of your baby’s growth and development.

Confinement Centres Services - TSM Confinement Nanny AgencyImage credit: Jessica Yuen via Facebook

The agency offers flexible packages ranging from 14-28 days, depending on your needs. Over and above taking care of you and your baby, your nanny will even do grocery shopping and simple cleaning, so you won’t have to worry about the hubs and your other kids having to fend for themselves.

Address: 623 Aljunied Road, #02-01A Industrial Aljunied Complex, Singapore 389835Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8am-5pm (Closed on Saturdays & Sundays)Contact: 6337 1793 | TSM Confinement Nanny Agency website

– Confinement centres –

6. ReJoy Suites – 1:4 nurse to baby ratio

Confinement Centres Services - ReJoy SuitesImage credit: ReJoy Suites

Operating on a 1:4 nurse to baby ratio, you can expect both you and your new bundle of joy to receive round-the-clock care at ReJoy Suites

Wellness sessions you can sign up for include the moxibustion therapy, which aids in increasing energy levels as well as your body’s production of breast milk. For mums who are concerned about postnatal hair loss, the head and scalp spa will be a relaxing way to nourish your scalp, strengthen your hair follicles, and stimulate hair regrowth overall.

Address: 106 Braddell Road, Singapore 359912Contact: 9823 5876 | ReJoy Suites website

7. Kai Suites – Premium confinement centre with spa facilities

Confinement Centres Services - Kai SuitesImage credit: @panguru via Instagram

If you really want to splash out for premium confinement care, book yourself a luxury stay at Kai Suites confinement hotel. It’s located at a dedicated conserved state property on Dunearn Road, and is a short distance away from leading maternity hospitals such as Thomson Medical Centre and KKH.

At $14,500/14 days, it doesn’t come cheap, but you and baby will be pampered 24/7. As a recovering mum, you’ll be treated with facials, plus pre- and postnatal massages at the on-site spa and wellness facilities. You’ll also be able to enjoy curated menus planned by TCM consultants and attend on-site classes for breastfeeding and baby care.

Address: 26 Dunearn Road, Singapore 309423Contact: 8833 2722 | Kai Suites website

8. The Clover Suites – Dietician-planned confinement meals

Confinement Centres Services - The Clover SuitesImage adapted from: @thecloversuites via Instagram

Those who might prefer a shorter stay at a confinement facility can consider The Clover Suites (from $8,888/14 days), a boutique 3-storey hotel at Siglap. This includes a professional baby photography session with props and outfits.

The Clover Suites DessertsImage credit: @thecloversuites via Instagram

There’s an in-house cafe with dedicated chefs and dietitians to make sure you are well-nourished during your confinement. On-site spa services marry the best of Eastern and Western postnatal healthcare so that you can recover with the traditions you’re most comfortable with.

Address: 697 East Coast Road, #02-01, Singapore 459060Contact: 9722 5076 | The Clover Suites website

9. My Queen – Located on Sentosa island

My Queen - An Ultimate Luxurious Postpartum Care Retreatplay buttonMy Queen – An Ultimate Luxurious Postpartum Care Retreat

Imagine recuperating from giving birth amidst a tranquil island setting, far from the hubbub of city life. Aptly named My Queen, this confinement centre within Sentosa strives to make use of Mother Nature’s beauty to promote your healing and immerse both you and your baby in plenty of good vibes. 

Their holistic care goes beyond caring for your newborn, providing nutritional meals, and helping you bounce back physically. They also have dedicated professionals to aid in breastfeeding training, psychological support to keep postpartum blues at bay, and debunking any old wives’ tales and confinement rules you wish to seek clarity on.

Address: 23 Beach View Road, Palawan Ridge, Sentosa Island, Singapore 098679Contact: 8028 8186 | My Queen website

10. NewLife Confinement Centre – 1 professional nanny per room

Confinement Centres Services - NewLife Confinement CentreImage adapted from: New Life Confinement Services via Facebook

If you want more privacy than your family home can provide during that first month after delivery, book a stay at NewLife Confinement Centre (from $27,000 for 28 days). It’s tucked away amidst lush greenery at a condominium apartment near Bukit Timah Hill. They can also pick you up straight from the hospital for an additional fee.

Confinement Centre MealsImage credit: NewLife Confinement Services via Facebook

A full-time professional nanny will be assigned to each room to take care of you and your baby. She’ll also make sure that you’re well-fed with highly nutritious meals 5 times a day. 

Address: 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, #03-16 Link @ AMK, Singapore 569139Contact: 9173 8162 | Newlife Confinement Services website

11. Singjoy – Luxury confinement centre at Shangri-la Apartments

For new mums, breastfeeding can be difficult and painful. You’ll be able to learn how to breastfeed painlessly with certified lactation consultants while recovering from delivery at the Singjoy confinement centre, located within the luxurious Shangri-la Apartments.

Confinement Centres Services - SingjoyImage credit: Singjoy 

Every mum will have a dedicated round-the-clock nanny, who will also take care of the baby and prepare herbs for confinement baths. Packages start from $13,800 for a 14-day stay at a 2-bedroom unit, so that dads and other kids can stay close while giving the new mum and baby some space and privacy. 

Singjoy Food Confinement MealsImage credit: Singjoy

Meals are fully provided, and you’ll also have access to pelvic floor muscle tests and recovery exercises under the care and advice of a physiotherapist.

To ensure that you won’t grow bored during your stay and that you have a nice keepsake to take home, the stay package also includes memorabilia handicraft sessions. Choose from crafts like baby hands and feet sculptures, breastmilk soap, or coasters.

Address: 1 Anderson Road, Singapore 259983Contact: 8889 1958 | Singjoy website

Bonus: Confinement massage & TCM services

Confinement MassageImage credit: @doreendchy via Instagram

Besides nannies helping you out for those crucial first days, new mums can also seek out postnatal massages from providers such as Post Natal Massage Singapore and Mummy’s Massage to help relieve muscle pain, increase lactation, and kickstart getting your pre-pregnancy figure back. 

Meanwhile, TCM practitioners like Thomson Chinese Medicine provide confinement acupuncture and herb blends to help rebalance the qi and yin – in essence, the levels of energy and vital life forces – in your body that have been depleted by pregnancy and delivery.

Confinement centres & services for new mums in Singapore

Every new mum needs a helping hand and some pampering when they are recovering from the arduous task of having a baby. These confinement services and centres will help take care of you while you are taking care of a new life during your confinement month.

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Cover image adapted from: @thecloversuites via Instagram, Confinement NannySOS via FacebookArticle originally published on 9th March 2022 by Sheri Goh. Last updated by Renae Cheng on 31st July 2023.


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