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10 Best Treadmills In Singapore For A Quick Indoor Run Without Leaving Home

Best treadmills in Singapore

You set ambitious plans of going for a 5km morning run the following day, only to wake up at 1pm and then tell yourself, “I’ll run tomorrow instead” – and the cycle repeats. If dragging yourself out for a jog has always been a problem, whether you’re gearing up for your IPPT or just trying to stay fit, investing in a treadmill could be a game-changer.

From treadmills that are designed for competitive runners to one with a desk for you to walk on the job, here are the best treadmills in Singapore for you to stay active in the comfort of your own home. 

Note: To be considerate to neighbours staying below, do install your machine on a treadmill mat to dampen the noise. 

Table of Contents

Best treadmills in Singapore1. I-Running TM-988 Treadmill – Automatic incline adjustment2. JOMO Mini Foldable Treadmill – Remote for easy speed shifts3. JICAN Model X8 Treadmill – Extra workout equipment4. Compact Treadmill RUN100E – Calorie burn training programmes5. Reebok I-Run 4.0 Treadmill – Flat–folding with built-in wheels6. Xterra TR150 Folding Treadmill – Quick speed selection for HIIT7. AIBI EZ Tone Desk TD-2710 – Foldable with desk8. TM-1088 Electric Treadmill – Heavy duty with 18 incline settings9. I-Running TM-288 Mini Electric Treadmill – Budget portable option10. NordicTrack C990 – Adjustable impact cushioningBonus: Xiaomi Kingsmith A1 Pro Walking Pad – Compact & adapts to user speed

1. I-Running TM-988 Treadmill – Automatic incline adjustment

Best treadmills in Singapore - I-Running TM-988 Treadmill Image credit: I-Running SG via Facebook

You’re not alone if you start groaning internally whenever it’s time to train incline running. Rather than head out to an ulu hill for your run, you can reap the rewards of this type of resistance training with I-Running’s TM-988 Heavy Duty Electric Treadmill instead.

The heavy-duty machine has 16 automatic incline levels, so you can simulate running on a gradient from the comfort of your home.

The treadmill also has a sizable belt of 138cm x 48cm, which is the ideal length and width for runners. And rather than having to check your smartwatch for stats like your heart rate, distance covered, speed, and time, you can just glance at the LCD display for all that information instead. 

P.S. The front panel is also packed with speakers and an audio jack to blast your go-to running playlist and a cooling fan that will make conquering your cardio sessions a breeze.

Maximum speed: 18km/hBelt width: 48cm

Price: $1,099

Get the I-Running TM-988 Heavy Duty Electric Treadmill

2. JOMO Mini Foldable Treadmill – Remote for easy speed shifts

Best treadmills in Singapore - JOMO Mini Foldable TreadmillDon’t underestimate the sleek treadmill, it can take up to 100kg and it absorbs shock.Image credit: Lazada

You won’t believe it when we say there are treadmills rocking a price tag below $200 up for grabs at JOMO Living. But the JOMO Mini Foldable Treadmill stands at just $192. Plus, it has a slick, foldable design that makes it convenient to store under your bed or against the wall. 

You’ll notice that there aren’t any buttons on the treadmill – that’s because speed is controlled by a small remote control, so as to reduce bulk from the machine. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be running “blind”. There’s a built-in LED panel that dishes out info like distance, speed, time, and even burned calories for you to keep track of your fitness goals.

Also, unlike the typical treadmills, this one lets you attach or detach the armrest whenever you want. Keep it on, and there’s a nifty spot to prop up your tablet or phone for a movie marathon while you jog.

Maximum speed: 6km/hBelt width: 28cm

Price: $192

Get the JOMO Mini Foldable Treadmill

3. JICAN Model X8 Treadmill – Extra workout equipment

Best treadmills in Singapore - JICAN Model X8 TreadmillImage credit: @khairulanuarrashid via Shopee Malaysia

Gear up for a fitness boost with the 4-in-1 JICAN Model X8 Treadmill. Sure, you can power it up to get a run in, but this treadmill also has other functions to help you stretch, work out your abs, and even massage sore muscles.

One nifty feature of this treadmill is its 7-layer padded running track. Most of its layers are used to reduce noise and absorb shock so you can run in the wee hours of the morning without disturbing your neighbours. The reinforced layers also mean they’re softer on your knees – great for those who have weak joints but want to run.

Maximum speed: 12km/hBelt width: 38cm

Price: From $319

Get the 4-In-1 Foldable Running Treadmill

4. Compact Treadmill RUN100ECalorie burn training programmes

Best treadmills in Singapore - Compact Treadmill RUN100EImage credit: Decathlon Blog

Personal coaches are a godsend when you want to engage in exercises to target stubborn areas and work towards different aspects like strength training. With the Compact Treadmill RUN100E, you get to have your own e-coach as well through about 30 training programmes created by a Domyos coach, like calorie burn, endurance, and interval training.

To amp up the difficulty level, you can adjust the manual incline to 3% – this trick gives you temporary pain but permanent results. The treadmill also boasts a wide running deck of 45cm, preventing even the biggest klutz from falling off the belt. Plus, you can easily fold this to store when you’re not putting it to work. 

Maximum speed: 14km/hBelt width: 45cm

Price: $699.90

Get the Decathlon Treadmill Run 100

5. Reebok I-Run 4.0 Treadmill Flatfolding with built-in wheels

Best treadmills in Singapore - Reebok I-Run 4.0 Treadmill Image adapted from: Reebok Fitness & Gym Tech Review

You do not want your industrial treadmill to be the centrepiece of your house, forcing you to bend and manoeuvre your way around it when you make a beeline for the toilet. The Reebok I-Run 4.0 Treadmill solves this problem as it is flat folding and compact for storage, while not compromising on stability. 

It also comes with wheels for easy transport around the house if you prefer an occasional change of scenery.

Mindlessly running with no end goal can make you very sian, so change up your routine by following their 12 pre-set workouts to accurately target the places that you want to train. The 4-window display on the treadmill also displays your performance stats and your live pulse feedback, allowing you to take note of the intensity of the workout.

Maximum speed: 16km/hBelt width: 46cm

Price: $1,299

Get the Reebok I-Run 4.0 Treadmill

6. Xterra TR150 Folding Treadmill – Quick speed selection for HIIT

Best treadmills in Singapore - Xterra TR150 Folding TreadmillImage credit: Stonemill Design Center

HIIT sessions are challenging but also extremely rewarding, aside from the faint spells they occasionally give newbies. The Xterra TR150 Folding Treadmill’s quick-speed selections will let you set the pace with just a push of a button. You can even pile on the intensity with its 3 adjustable incline heights.

Featuring a book stand and cup holders, the treadmill allows you to multitask on the run while taking on the 12 pre-set programmes that it has installed.

Maximum speed: 16km/hBelt width: 40cm

Price: $799

Get the Xterra TR150 Folding Treadmill

7. AIBI EZ Tone Desk TD-2710 – Foldable with desk

Best treadmills in Singapore - AIBI EZ Tone Desk TD-2710You can even fold it into a bench (left).Image adapted from: Lazada

This one’s for all the workaholics who are glued to their screens. The AIBI EZ Tone Desk TD-2710 is equipped with a desk that provides ample space for your laptop and work materials. Plus, it doubles up as a sturdy bench when you flip it on its side. After you’re done with leg day, simply fold it into a little coffee table or console.

Speed-wise, it can go up to 6km/h, as it’s meant for leisure walking over running. There is also a built-in hand pulse sensor for immediate pulse readings to ensure that you’re not overexerting yourself.

Maximum speed: 6km/hBelt width: 36cm

Price: $1,488

Get the AIBI Gym Ez Tone Desk TD-2710

8. TM-1088 Electric Treadmill – Heavy duty with 18 incline settings

Best treadmills in Singapore - TM-1088 Electric TreadmilImage credit: @maijo via Caorusell

Coming face-to-face with a slope on your weekly jogs is enough to send you running in the opposite direction, but the incline helps to burn more calories. Speed isn’t the only aspect in which you should push yourself – incline settings help to train your endurance and burn more calories. 

The TM-1088 Heavy Duty Electric Treadmill takes this very seriously, as it provides up to 18 incline settings with a maximum speed of up to 20km/h. With built-in music speakers and a fan, you can enjoy your music, and keep relatively cool while working out. You can also download the FitShow app on your phone to track your running routine.

Maximum speed: 20km/hBelt width: 52cm

Price: $1,299

Get the TM-1088 Electric Treadmill

9. I-Running TM-288 Mini Electric Treadmill – Budget portable option

Best treadmills in Singapore - I-Running TM-288 Mini Electric TreadmillImage credit: @zulboykoi via Carousell

Amateurs who are new to the whole fitness scene, and want to start small with an affordable treadmill can consider the I-Running Electric Foldable Treadmill as your one-stop solution. Sporting a maximum speed of up to 12km/h and 3 incline angles, this budget treadmill lets you workout like a pro, and push yourself to the limits.

With tangible information like your distance, time, speed, calories and even your pulse available on its LCD screen, this treadmill option will motivate you not to give up. It’s lightweight and can fold flat, which makes it extremely portable – just note that it’s smaller in size, and may not be suitable for taller individuals who like to hold onto the bar whilst running.

Maximum speed: 12km/hBelt width: 35.4cm

Price: $329

Get the I-Running TM-288 Mini Electric Treadmill 

10. NordicTrack C990 – Adjustable impact cushioning

Best treadmills in Singapore - NordicTrack C990 Image credit: Dan via Amazon

For competitors or long-distance runners alike, prolonged running may hurt your feet and even cause damage to your knees. With the NordicTrack C990 Treadmill, adjustable impact cushioning provides the necessary protection to reduce impact on your legs, even when you’re on the 12% incline. The treadmill can reach speeds of up to 22km/h for sprinters.

You can binge-watch Netflix shows as you run because it has a 7” colour touchscreen that has access to the app. Alternatively, you can tune it to their variety of workout programmes by certified personal trainers, or listen to beats on their powerful sound system.

Maximum speed: 22km/hBelt width: 51cm

Price: $2,299

Get the NordicTrack C990 Treadmill

Bonus: Xiaomi Kingsmith A1 Pro Walking Pad – Compact & adapts to user speed

Best treadmills in Singapore - Xiaomi Kingsmith A1 Pro Walking PadImage credit: Alibaba

Being the most compact on the list at only 12.9cm in height when folded, the Xiaomi Kingsmith A1 Pro Walking Pad Treadmill can be stored in small spaces like under the sofas or bed to reduce clutter. It also has a smart, automatic function, where the speed changes according to your pace via the remote or the Mi Home phone app. 

So, if you want to drastically drop your speed because of your intense huffing and puffing, you don’t have to manually adjust it!

Maximum speed: 6km/hBelt width: 41.5cm

Price: $469

Get the Xiaomi Kingsmith A1 Pro Walking Pad Treadmill

Buying a treadmill in Singapore

Let’s be real – outdoor HIIT, yoga, or fitness classes aren’t for everyone, especially if you’re a workaholic glued to the screen most of the time. But, with an extensive selection of space-saving and affordable treadmills to add to your homes, you no longer have an excuse not to hit the gym.

Getting a treadmill helps you stay fit without stepping outside your cosy home, and having it around reminds you not to skip leg day.

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This article contains partial partnership content. However, all opinions are ours.Image adapted from: Decathlon Blog, Lazada Originally published on 22nd October 2020. Last updated by Haizreen Natasha on 22nd December 2023.Avatar

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