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8 Best Cat Hotels In Singapore So Your Kitties Can Have A Nice Vacation While You're Away Too

Cat hotels in Singapore

Cat owners, we know the struggle of having to find cat sitting arrangements any time you travel overseas. Count yourself lucky if you have help at home or family members willing to take them in. For others, consider booking a stay at a cat hotel for your kitties. These boarding houses provide a place for your fur babies to sleep at, as well as a caretaker to look after their needs.

We’ve rounded up 8 best cat hotels in Singapore that include accommodation, playtime, and lots of cuddles so your cats will feel at ease during their stay.

Table of Contents

Cat hotels in Singapore1. Nekoya – 3 different room types from $30/night2. Happy Rolling Cat Boarding – 24-hours CCTV access for owners3. The Kitty Kampung – Play with your pet over cake & coffee4. Cradle – Vet-led caretaking5. Little Kats – Premium rooms for up to 4 cats 6. The Luxe Meownor – A 5-star staycation for your kitties7. Wanderlodge – 2-way transport provided8. Catopia – Also offers cat sitting services Tips on preparing your cats for boardingSending your cats to a cat hotel in Singapore

1. Nekoya – 3 different room types from $30/night

Nekoya - boarding roomsImage credit: Nekoya

Pawrents won’t have to worry about their cats’ well-being during their stay at Nekoya. You’ll get daily text updates, but you can also opt to receive 3 photos or 1 video of your cat for an extra $5/day. In terms of care, meals are provided daily and kitties have a dedicated 30 minutes of playtime to stay active. Plus, there’s no extra charge if your cats require extra dietary attention.

Nekoya - Persian catImage credit: @toffeethepersian via Instagram

When it comes to bedtime, the cats get their own private, fully air-conditioned capsule with litter box and hideout corners to curl up in. The cabins range in size from Classic (from $30/night) to Premier Suites (from $128/night), which can fit larger cats or house multiples from the same household.

Neyoka also provides taxi services (from $45/ride) to chauffeur these furballs to and from any of their cat hotels.

Rates:Classic: From $30/nightDeluxe: From $33/nightPremier Suite: From $128/night

King Albert Park outletAddress: 9 King Albert Park #02-20 King Albert Park, Singapore 598332Opening hours (office hours): 11am-7pm, DailyContact: 6969 6278

Central outletAddress: 59 Kampong Bahru Road, #02-01, Singapore 169367Opening hours (office hours): 11am-7pm, DailyContact: 6926 6470

Jalan Kayu outletAddress: 247A Jalan Kayu, #02-01, Singapore 799471Opening hours (office hours): 11am-7pm, DailyContact: 6972 9845

2. Happy Rolling Cat Boarding – 24-hours CCTV access for owners

Happy Rolling Cat Boarding - boarding roomsImage adapted from: Happy Rolling Cat Boarding

For the rare cats that love making new friends, have them stay at Happy Rolling Cat Boarding while you’re away on vacation. Their Multi Cats Playground ($15/day) is ideal for social butterflies who enjoy playing with other cats.

Those that prefer solitude instead can enjoy Cabinet Boarding (from $32/night), where each cubby has a perch, litterbox, and access to food and water bowls within reach. For a first-class boarding experience, you can even indulge them with a Private Room (from $60/night). These come equipped with multi-level perches and a velvet cat tree for scratching.

Happy Rolling Cat Boarding - Deluxe Free RoamingDeluxe Free Roaming.Image credit: Happy Rolling Cat Boarding

Or, if they’d rather hang out with their own kind, the Deluxe Free Roaming ($60/night) means cats from the same household can live and play together. These options provide 24-hour CCTV access to owners, so you’ll be able to check in on them whenever you want.

Rates:Multi Cats Playground: $15/dayCabinet Boarding (1-2 cats): From $32/nightPrivate Room (1-2 cats): From $60/nightDeluxe Free Roaming (Up to 3 cats): From $60/night

Address: 479 Geylang Road, #02-01, Singapore 389438Opening hours (office): 11am-5pm, DailyContact: 8752 3600 (WhatsApp only)

3. The Kitty Kampung – Play with your pet over cake & coffee

The Kitty Kampung - tea and cake with catsImage credit: @thekittykampung via Instagram

Cat hotels aren’t just a place to leave your kitties while you’re away. At The Kitty Kampung, they’re also a place for pet owners to bond with their cats with cake and coffee. Have a snack as your fur babies sniff out the place they’ll be crashing at for the next couple of days. Having you around helps cats adjust better and feel more at ease that they’re somewhere safe.

The Kitty Kampung - boarding roomImage credit: @thekittykampung via Instagram

If you can’t make it for playtime, The Kitty Kampung will ensure your cats’ comfort with their Kampung Cabin ($46/night) and Kampung XL ($68/night) rooms. With loft-style rooms, high perches, and ample space, the cabins keep your cat entertained even when it’s not playtime. And yes, each cat gets 30-45 minutes of chasing feather toys a day to keep them active.

You can check in on your cats with daily text updates, but if the separation is giving you anxiety, arrange for a video call so you can say “hi” to them in real time.

Rates:Kampung Cabin (1 cat): $46/nightKampung XL (Up to 2 cats): $68/night

Address: 321 Alexandra Road, #03-17, Singapore 159971Opening hours (office): Mon-Sat 11am-6pm | Sun 12pm-6pmContact: 8949 5574 (WhatsApp only)

4. Cradle – Vet-led caretaking

Cradle - cat on perchGarden Apartment.Image credit: @catscradlesg via Instagram

Throw whatever worries you have about leaving your cat when you book them a stay at Cradle. The team here includes a veterinary doctor, nurse, and cat nutritionist, so you can bet your cats will be in good hands while you’re away.

Your pets will get to cosy up in boarding choices like the Garden Apartment (from $42/night). Cats with a penchant for views might find this one appealing, as each room has a window facing an outdoor garden. They’ll get their own private cabin for rest, but will get to mingle with their neighbours in the next door common playroom for daily exercise.

Cradle - loft suiteLoft Suite.Image credit: @catscradlesg via Instagram

Cats who prefer a more private approach have the option of the spacious Loft Suite (from $62/night). They’re big enough for 2 and come with a separate play and exercise area.

Rates:Garden Apartment: From $42/nightLoft Suite: From $62/night

Address: 802 North Bridge Road, #02-01, Singapore 198770Opening hours (office): 9.30am-7pm, DailyContact: 9379 6597

5. Little Kats – Premium rooms for up to 4 cats 

Littles Kats - cat treeImage credit: @littlekatskat via Instagram

Run by a cat rescuer of more than 10 years, Little Kats has lodging rooms that provide all your cats need for a safe and welcoming environment – think cosy blankets, hidey holes, and high shelves to perch on.

The rooms have also been cat-proofed with features such as reinforced scratching posts that won’t fall over no matter how much the cats rough ‘em up. 2 room options are available – Cabins would be more suitable for 1-2 cats, while Premium Rooms are ideal to house up to 4. For rates, enquire with the establishment.

Address: 717 North Bridge Road, #02-01, Singapore 198685Opening hours (office): Mon-Sat 11am-8pm | Sun & PH 12pm-7pmContact: 8822 9719

6. The Luxe Meownor – A 5-star staycation for your kitties

The Luxemeowner - cat perchesImage credit: @theluxemeowner via Instagram

The Luxe Meowner says it all in its name: this will be a 5-star staycation for your kitties. Your cats will be living a life of luxury in their own high ceiling room that is furnished with climbing perches attached to the wall. Some rooms even have access to a TV that plays nature videos to keep your cats entertained throughout the day.

The Luxemeowner - snacksImage adapted from: @theluxemeowner via Instagram

Basic necessities are also given an upgrade. Fussy cats get a buffet of choices during their stay. There’s an extensive selection of wet and dry cat food from premium brands like Daily Delight and Longevity which are recommended by cat nutrition experts. You’re more than welcome to BYO too at no extra cost.

Grooming is included as part of each cat’s staycation package. The team does daily face cleaning, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, and fur grooming. You can also request for a nail trim and fur massage for extra pampering.

Rates:Bed Chamber (1-2 cats): $98/nightMansion (Up to 3 cats): $188/night

Address: 259 Jalan Besar, Level 2, Singapore 208934Opening hours: 10am-10pm, DailyContact: 9653 7300

7. Wanderlodge – 2-way transport provided

Wanderlodge - cat treeImage credit: Wanderlodgesg Facebook

Kitties that get homesick will barely notice their owners aren’t around at Wanderlodge. This cat hotel tries to mimic a home environment as much as possible by providing large spaces for cats to roam about. With window views and 24-hour air conditioning, rest assured that your felines will stay cool and entertained throughout their stay.

Wanderlodge - shared roomShared room for multiple cats.Image credit: Wanderlodge

These Shared Rooms (from $50/night) means there’ll be other cat pals around to socialise with. They do get private playpens also, so they can retreat into their own space once their social battery runs low. For those with an independent personality, the Private Suite (from $80/night) might be more their cup of tea.

For the safety of the cats staying here, Wanderlodge keeps their location a secret. All boarding will therefore require the booking of their 2-way transport service that comes with an additional price based on distance. Just remember to pack all of your cat’s necessities and Wanderlodge will take care of the rest from the moment they fetch them from your front door.

Rates:Shared Room: From $50/night per catPrivate Suite: From $80/night per catPrices are not inclusive of 2-way transport.

Opening hours (office): 8.30am-6.30pm, DailyContact: 8600 5443 (WhatsApp only)

8. Catopia – Also offers cat sitting services 

CatopiaImage credit: @catopiacafe_sg via Instagram

Veteran cat owners will know that no two cats are alike. That said, Catopia ensures no stay is the same for the cats that come here for boarding. The team checks on your feline’s temperament, personality, and health conditions then tailors personalised care for them.

Living somewhere new can be stressful for cats so Catopia also offers cat sitting services (from $50/trip) so all Whiskers has to do is sit back and relax while a cat-sitter comes to pamper him. This way, your cats get all the creature comforts of home while still being looked after.

Rates:Cat hotel: From $40/nightDaycare: From $25/catCat sitting: From $50/trip, up to 4 cats

Address: 406B Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427634Opening hours (office): Tue-Sun 10am-6pm (Closed on Mondays)Contact: 8907 0666

Tips on preparing your cats for boarding

Sending your meowlings to a cat hotel can be daunting not just for pawrents but for your kitties too. Take note of these things you can provide to the hotel to ensure the well-being of your cat and others:

Proof of vaccination & recent flea and tick treatment

Most, if not all, pet boarding hotels will ask for proof of vaccination as a precaution so that your cat is less likely to fall ill while on staycation. You should also send your cat to be treated for fleas and ticks beforehand so other cats won’t pick up nasty pests during their stay. Your cat’s regular vet should be able to provide a medical chit stating their clean bill of health for both.

If you’re unsure of your cat’s vaccination history, you’ll need to schedule at least 2 vaccination appointments 2-4 weeks apart for a complete dose.

Food, feeding schedule & dietary requirements

Cats are not big fans of change. Put them in a new environment and they’re likely to protest by refusing to eat. To ease that transition, you can provide the cat hotel with your cat’s regular food and treats, as well as their portion sizes and feeding schedule.

Even if the hotel provides meals, you should still prepare a few days’ worth of food, just in case they do not take well to what’s being served. Having their own food also prevents stomach upsets that could lead to big messes outside the litter box. 

Feeding catsImage credit: @millythemeow via Instagram

You should also let your cat’s caretakers know about any supplements, vitamins, and medication that your cat needs to take. Check in with the hotel if they’ll be able to accommodate these arrangements before making a booking. Most places will charge extra for such services.

Favourite toys, comfort pillows & blankets

Another way to ensure your cat’s comfort in a new place is to provide the cat hotel with pillows, blankets, and beds that they frequently use. Some cat hotels also recommend that owners leave behind a worn t-shirt or pillowcase so that cats have a familiar scent to put them at ease.

cat hotels singapore - ragdoll playing

And when it comes to playtime, your cats will be more inclined to come out of their shell with strangers when their fave toys are present. This way, they’ll pick up quickly that these strangers can be trusted to look after them.

Sending your cats to a cat hotel in Singapore

With these cat hotels, you can trust that your precious pets will be left in good hands while you enjoy your own trip away. Heck, your cats might even be reluctant to leave the luxuries of these cat hotels when there are such welcoming facilities around.

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Cover image adapted from: @toffeethepersian, @thekittykampung, @happy_rolling_cat_boarding via Instagram


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