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Singapore Emergency Hotlines You Need To Know, From Reporting Crime To Spotting Wildlife

Emergency hotlines in Singapore

Let’s be honest, almost no one can list the phone numbers of their besties, or even their family members off the top of their heads. Heck, it felt like aeons ago when people kept records of important contacts in a physical phone book, rather than letting their devices do all the memory work.

But when you find yourself in an emergency, you’d want to have these Singapore emergency hotlines saved in your phone, just in case. You’ll never know when you might need to call an ambulance, report an errant python in your car, or repair faulty pipeworks within your home.

Table of Contents

Emergency hotlines in Singapore1. 999, SPF – To report crime-related emergencies2. 995, SCDF – Ambulance for life-threatening situations3. 9783 7782, ACRES – For wildlife rescue4. 1767, SOS – For suicide-related help & counselling5. 1800 2255 782, PUB – For major pipe bursts & water interruption6. 6547 0000, SPF – To report traffic incidents7. 1800 777 0000, NAVH – For domestic violence8. 1800 778 8888, SP PowerGrid – For electricity supply interruption9. 6225 5632, NEA – To report potential dengue hotspotsOther important hotlines

1. 999, SPF – To report crime-related emergencies

Singapore Police Force In ActionImage credit: Singapore Police Force

The police emergency hotline of 999 should already be ingrained in your head by now. Punching in those familiar numbers will connect you with the police directly, so you can report crime-related emergencies.

Of course, you shouldn’t dial 999 for menial issues that don’t warrant immediate police action. For these non-emergency situations, you can lodge a report on the SPF’s e-services website. Alternatively, send an SMS message to 71999 to request police assistance, if you find yourself in a situation where it’s unsafe to call 999.

Hotline operating hours: 24/7

2. 995, SCDF – Ambulance for life-threatening situations

SCDF AmbulanceYou can also call 995 for fire-related emergenciesImage credit: Singapore Civil Defence Force

Another sequence of numbers that every Singaporean should be well-acquainted with is 995, which rings up the SCDF Emergency Medical Services. Call them and they’ll swiftly respond to any life-threatening health-related crisis.

SCDF Emergency Priority TableHere’s a table which outlines SCDF’s response to the different categories of emergencies.Image credit: Singapore Civil Defence Force

Similarly, do not call 995 for non-emergency situations as that could delay their response to actual life-threatening emergencies. You’ll face a $274 fine for doing so. If you find yourself with a mild injury or fever, you can dial 1777 to call for a non-emergency ambulance instead.  

For those who’d prefer to get admitted to private hospitals instead, here is a list of numbers that’ll connect you with their 24-hour A&E services:  Parkway East Hospital: 6340 8666Gleneagles Hospital: 6470 5688Mount Alvernia: 6347 6210Mount Elizabeth Hospital: 6731 2218Raffles Hospital: 6311 1555Farrer Park Hospital: 6705 2999

Hotline operating hours: 24/7

3. 9783 7782, ACRES – For wildlife rescue

Image credit: @eyesofacres via Instagram

Singapore may be a concrete jungle, but we’ll find ourselves eye to eye with the various wild animals in Singapore from time to time. From the neighbourhood chonky cat to the more exotic wildlife like snakes, these creatures need a helping hand from time to time when they find themselves in sticky situations.

ACRES Wildlife Rescue Centre are the folks to call when you spot a wild animal that is in distress or is injured – and you can reach them at 9783 7782. They’ll even provide free services to relocate animals that may have accidentally wandered into your home or garden.

Hotline operating hours: 24/7

4. 1767, SOS – For suicide-related help & counselling

Confiding In Friends

With mental health services being more publicised in the recent era, people coping with these afflictions have a wide array of resources like mental health support groups to tap into to alleviate some of their worries. One of these outlets is the Samaritans of Singapore (SOS).

They’re manning a 24-hour suicide prevention hotline which people call at 1767. Distressed individuals are connected to a trained volunteer should they need a listening ear. If you suspect someone you know is struggling with suicidal thoughts, you can also make a referral to SOS to help them get the help that they need.

Hotline operating hours: 24/7

5. 1800 2255 782, PUB – For major pipe bursts & water interruption

Water Shortage

Our Little Red Dot is often lauded for its clean tap water, but sometimes hiccups occur that’ll cut off our access to our clean reserves of potable water. To resolve any water-related issues, you can contact the PUB hotline at 1800 2255 782.

They’ll link you up with the relevant parties such as licensed plumbers to lay problems like leaky pipes, discoloured water, and unscheduled water interruption to rest

Hotline operating hours: 24/7

6. 6547 0000, SPF – To report traffic incidents

Traffic Police - Emergency HotlinesImage credit: Singapore Police Force

To quell any queries relating to Singapore’s roads, drivers, riders and pedestrians alike can contact the Traffic Police Information Hotline by dialling 6547 0000. Even if you’re not directly involved, you can call in to serve as a witness to a road-related accident. 

You can also report any road violations that you’ve come across, and the Traffic Police will follow up with the necessary action to ensure that the roads are safe for all. 

7. 1800 777 0000, NAVH – For domestic violence

Victim Of Domestic Abuse - Emergency HotlinesImage credit: Ministry of Social and Family Development

Domestic violence has no place in households, be it in a physical or psychological form. As such, the National Anti-Violence & Sexual Harassment Helpline exists to provide aid for victims of domestic violence. 

To report any form of domestic violence, call the helpline at 1800 777 0000. They’ll then arrange for help from Family Service Centres, Family Justice Courts and medical professionals.

Hotline operating hours: 24/7

8. 1800 778 8888, SP PowerGrid – For electricity supply interruption

Electricity Shortage - Emergency Hotlines

Power trips are no fun, especially when they occur during vital WFH days. Although most power shortages can be fixed with a simple flip of a breaker switch, some might be more complicated to troubleshoot. To resolve disruptive blackouts, you can contact the SP PowerGrid Hotline at 1800 778 8888.

Hotline operating hours: 24/7

9. 6225 5632, NEA – To report potential dengue hotspots

NEA Fogging - Emergency HotlinesImage credit: National Environment Agency (NEA) via Facebook

As we head into the monsoon season, you’ll notice an increase in the number of pesky mosquitoes running riot, especially in landed properties. Try as you might to follow the iconic mozzie wipeout, these pests can still find their way into your homes. 

To curb the spread of dengue, hit up NEA’s Dengue hotline at 6225 5632 to report potential mosquito-breeding hotspots, or to learn more about what you can do to keep your residence mozzie-free.

Hotline operating hours: 24/7

Other important hotlines

While these hotlines do not address immediate, life-threatening situations, you’ll never know when they might be in handy, so jot their numbers down too.

1. 1800 6 668 668, NCPG – Help for gambling problems

They say 90% of gamblers quit right before they hit it big, but we all know that’s not true. You can contact the National Council of Problem Gambling Hotline at 1800 6 668 668 if you or your loved ones have a serious gambling addiction.

They’ll step in by referring you to avenues that can help you on your road to recovery, such as counselling services and debt management solutions. For more severe cases of addiction, the council can also impose voluntary visit limits to all casinos in the country.

Hotline operating hours: 24/7

2. Various NEA-related hotlines – For public area cleanliness

Nobody wants to have their neighbourhood ruined by heaps of unsightly garbage. Thankfully, NEA contracts a couple of service providers to ensure cleanliness in public areas like parks and carriageways. If they’ve missed a spot, do give them a call at these numbers:Re Sustainability Cleantech Pte Ltd – South-East regions: 6270 6801800 Super Waste Management Pte Ltd – North and South-West regions: 6366 3800SembWaste Pte Ltd – Central-North region: 1800 8981 920Chye Thiam Maintenance Pte Ltd – Central-South, North-East regions and Expressways: 62818866

Hotlines operating hours: Varies from hotlines – but generally, 9am-6pm, Daily

Save these Singapore emergency hotlines

There’s no harm in being a tad kiasi, so keep these Singapore emergency hotlines at the back of your head. Most of these numbers are truncated or contain easily memorisable strings of digits – so there’s no reason not to have these on speed dial in dire situations.

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Cover image adapted from: Singapore Police Force, Singapore Civil Defense Force, National Environment Agency (NEA) via FacebookAvatar

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