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First Look: Hay Dairies’ New Location In Kranji With Milking Sessions, Goat Feeding & Fresh Milk

Hay Dairies goat farm

Many of us dream of moving to a farm and surrounding ourselves with fresh air, rolling hills, and cattle grazing in the meadows once we retire. While you wait for that to happen, you might want to round up the fam and spend the day at Hay Dairies, a dreamy goat farm right here in Singapore. 

They’ve recently moved from Lim Chu Kang to Neo Tiew Crescent, just opposite the entrance to Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. Come feed the goats, watch a milking session, and sample fresh goat milk.

Catch a milking session & sample fresh milk

hay dairies goat farm - farmers

If you’re planning to visit Hay Dairies, do come just as they’ve opened so you don’t miss the milking session. From 9am-11am, adult female goats are led out of their pens into a milk processing station where they’re then milked. It only happens once a day, so don’t be late!

hay dairies goat farm - milking gallery

There’s a viewing gallery where you can comfortably watch the process, which involves cleaning the goats’ teats, testing the milk supply, then attaching a milking device. Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt the goats and they’re too busy munching on pellets to even notice what’s happening.

hay dairies goat farm - milking session

Once the milking is over, the goat milk is bottled up and sold fresh from the farm starting at $2.70 for a small bottle. If you’re a fan, get a bundle of 2 800ml bottles ($17) to bring home. Since there are no preservatives in the milk, make sure you consume it within 3 days.

hay dairies goat farm - goat milk popsicles

If the weather proves muggy, treat yourself to a goat milk popsicle ($3.80) – these come in original, strawberry, and chocolate flavours. Get yourself all 3 for a goat milk neapolitan. 

Feed goats at the barn

From the milking gallery, make a right and you’ll reach the goat farm, where you’ll find lots of hungry goats waiting to be fed.

hay dairies goat farm - alfalfa hay

The goats’ main food source is alfalfa hay, and you can easily buy a big bag at the entrance to feed them. Each bag is $5 and can last for the entire visit. As you make your way down the barn, hand-feed the friendly herd who’ll be sticking their heads out for fresh hay and some chin scratches.

hay dairies goat farm - kids feeding goats

If you’re bringing babies and young toddlers, it might be a good idea to hang out near the baby goats which are smaller and less intimidating. Don’t forget the goats towards the back of the barn as well – most people tend to crowd around the front to feed the goats, but the ones at the end of the line are hungry too.

Have a day out at Hay Dairies goat farm

If your and your kid’s love of goats have been limited to videos, a trip to Hay Dairies will change that.

hay dairies goat farm - goat pen

Entry to the goat farm is free and no booking is required to view the milking sessions or visit the goats in the barn. However, you can organise a tour if you have at least 10 people in a group. The educational farm tour (from $18.36/pax) includes a personal guide who’ll explain how the farm works and how the goats are milked.

hay dairies goat farm - mini mart

Every 2 participants in the educational farm tour will also receive a pack of hay to feed the goats. Each person will also get a mini bottle of goat milk to take home, as well as a souvenir like an activity book for kids and lavender-scented goat milk soap for adults.

With that in mind, consider your weekend plan sorted.

How to get there: Hay Dairies is quite remote which adds to its rustic countryside vibes. However, it also means you’ll need a solid transportation game plan. The fastest way to get there is by private hire car which can cost up to $40 one way depending on where you live.

It can be difficult to book a car after 11am on weekdays, so your best bet is to walk about 1.2km to the “Kranji Reservoir Pk B” bus stop to take bus 925 back to Kranji MRT station. The trunk service 925M that stops directly outside Hay Dairies only operates on Sundays and public holidays.

Another alternative is to come on weekends or public holidays instead, when the Kranji Farm Shuttle is running. At $5/pax, you can hop on and off the shuttle, which will bring you to attractions like Gardenasia Bistro, Bollywood Farms, and Hay Dairies.

Who owns Hay Dairies?

The farm is owned by the Hay family and is headed by Leon Hay, the 2nd generation owner of Hay Dairies.

Is Hay Dairies free to enter?

Yes, you’re welcome to visit daily, including public holidays. They are, however, closed on Tuesdays. Just note that groups of 10 and above will need to make a booking with the farm prior to visiting.

Is goat milk good for your health?

Goat milk is a good source of calcium and protein, but it does have a higher calorie count as compared to cow milk. 

Visit Hay Dairies goat farm with the kiddos

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