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This Tanjong Pagar Bar Has Free-Flow Alcohol For $19.80/Pax For Affordable Post-Work Tipple

Menya Kokoro free-flow alcohol promo

No, your eyes do not deceive you. From $19.80/pax, you can drink to your heart’s content for a solid 60 minutes, while still observing responsible drinking habits, of course. This lobang comes courtesy of Menya Kokoro, best known for their ramen and mazesoba. They also serve izakaya-style light bites, which are the perfect complements to your free-flow alcohol.

This affordable liquid buffet takes place 5pm-8pm every day at their 100 AM mall outlet, over in Tanjong Pagar. Good luck finding a better deal for drinks in the CBD and town region! And as a special EOY treat from now till 31st December 2023, you can quote a secret code to shave a further $2 off your bill. Stay tuned to find out.

Have your fill of draft beer, highballs, umeshu & sho chu

Menya Kokoro Free-Flow Alcohol - Sapporo Draft BeerImage credit: Chuck K via Google Maps

You’ve survived another year, and that alone deserves a toast. With the Menya Kokoro free-flow alcohol promo, you’ll be able to drink till you’re very merry indeed. For $19.80/pax, you can indulge in as much Sapporo Draft Beer as you desire for 60 minutes.

Menya Kokoro Free-Flow Alcohol - HighballImage for illustration purposes only.

Highballs are also part of the selection, and you’ve got some refreshing flavours to cycle through. Options include yuzu or kaku lemon if you’re feeling citrussy, and sencha or hojicha to truly immerse in the Japanese vibes. 

Menya Kokoro Free-Flow Alcohol - UmeshuImage for illustration purposes only.

Speaking of embracing Japanese bevvies while you’re in an izakaya setting, the alcohol buffet also includes umeshu – AKA ume plum liqueur.

Last but not least, feel free to experiment with some sho chu as well, not to be confused with Korean soju. Sho chu refers to a distilled Japanese liquor made from rice and grains. Menya Kokoro offers sho chu mixed with Calpis and Yakult, so you’ll get a nice sweet treat that goes down easy. 

Top up just $4 for free-flow house pour sake

Sake lovers out there, this next bit is going to make you jump for joy. For $23.80/pax, you’ll get to enjoy 60 minutes of unlimited refills for all the drinks we’ve mentioned above, plus all-you-can-drink house pour sake.

Menya Kokoro SakeOpt to savour your sake cold or warm.Image credit: Menya Kokoro Singapore via Facebook

Seeing as Menya Kokoro is a srs bizniz Japanese eatery, you can be assured that their sake ain’t gonna be some bottom of the barrel stuff. In terms of value, their sake selection is usually priced $54.90 for a sampler set of 5 bottles. By going for the free-flow alcohol promo, you’ll be able to zoom in on the flavour profiles and regions that tickle your fancy the most. 

While we’re talking about savings, the regular prices for beer, highballs, umeshu, and sho chu served at Menya Koro range from $11-$15 per serving. So if you do the math, anything beyond 1 serving of 1 type of alcohol is going to cost upwards of $20 – making the liquid buffet well worth it.

Wrangle up the heavyweights in your drinking squad to maximise value for money! Again, just be sure to drink responsibly.

Enjoy free-flow alcohol in a cosy izakaya setting in Tanjong Pagar

Menya Kokoro 100 AM Mall OutletImage credit: Jeffrey via Google Maps

With the monsoon season giving us faux winter vibes and EOY gatherings abound, huddling up in a cosy izakaya setting over drinks sounds like a good way to wrap up 2023. Grabbing post-work tipple in the CBD might sound like an expensive affair, but Menya Kokoro’s free-flow alcohol promo really comes in clutch.

To slash $2 off your bill, just approach any of the service staff and quote the phrase “Kanpai tonight”. That’s it, as simple as unlocking some Hai Di Lao freebies.

For folks who aren’t as familiar with the various alcohol varieties on offer, brush up using our types of alcohol guide before you swing by. All that’s left to do is to ready your liver, and make sure to pad your stomach with some yummy izakaya fare before you let the good times – and good drinks – flow.

Find out more about the Menya Kokoro free-flow alcohol promo

Address: 100 Tras Street, #02-10 100AM, Singapore 079027Opening hours: Mon-Thu 11am-3pm, 5pm-9.30pm | Fri-Sun 11am-9.30pmContact: 6443 1727 | Menya Kokoro website

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