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Singapore’s Best Movie Theatres Ranked By Amenities & Price – GV, Shaw & Cathay Cineplex

Best movie theatres in Singapore

These days, it’s increasingly common for Singaporeans to stream movies at home. Some even set up a home projector system to level-up their personal cinema experience. But you have to admit, sometimes certain occasions just call for a trip down to an actual cinema – whether it’s for a cosy date night or big screen adventure with your littles ones.Fortunately, we’re spoilt for choice with no less than 35 cinemas across the +65. We’ve ranked shopping mall toilets in the past, and now we’re comparing cinemas to see which ones – out of chains like Golden Village, Shaw Theatres, and Cathay Cineplexes -qualify for the best movie theatres in Singapore. Plus, a few surprise contenders to check out.

Table of Contents

Best movie theatres in Singapore– Best cinemas for dates –4. Filmgarde at Leisure Park Kallang – So ulu you won’t run into your ex3. The Projector at Golden Mile Tower – Indie cinema with retro vibes2. Golden Village GEMINI – Plush couple seats with wide leg room1. Shaw Theatres Lumiere – USB charging ports & snack discounts– Best family-friendly cinemas –3. iWERKS Theatre at the Discovery Centre – $7 tickets & 4D movies2. EagleWings Cinematics – Kids under 90cm watch for free1. Shaw Theatres Dreamers – Kid-friendly environment & amenities– Best premium cinemas –4. Shaw Theatres Premiere at NEX – $10 off snacks with every ticket3. WE Cinemas First Class at 321 Clementi – Free set meal2. Cathay Cineplex Platinum Suites – $16 for seniors & students1. Golden Village Gold Class – 45 premium options to choose from– Best value-for-money cinemas –3. Golden Village – Most locations in Singapore2. Shaw Theatres – Cheapest 3D tickets1. Cathay Cineplex – Best value & convenienceBonus: Carnival Cinemas – Bollywood films of all genres

– Best cinemas for dates –

Catching a movie is a common activity for first dates, and it remains a reliable go-to even for seasoned lovebirds in search of date ideas. Whether it’s for an inaugural meeting with a potential soulmate or a regular movie night with your long-term boo, some theatres are just better for romantic dates.

4. Filmgarde at Leisure Park Kallang – So ulu you won’t run into your ex

movie theatres singapore filmgardeTip: letting your date choose their preferred popcorn flavour is a green flag.Image credit: @sky4everwen via Instagram

Call us sentimental, but sometimes visiting spots where you used to hang with a former lover might bring back some unwanted memories; just ask Ms Swift. Luckily, much like Tay Tay, I know places. 

Besides having Singapore’s cheapest standard ticket prices for 2D screenings ($7) on Wednesdays and Thursdays after 7pm, Filmgarde at Kallang Leisure Park is a good option if you’re afraid of running into someone you don’t want to see. 

movie theatres singapore primoSeats in their PRIMO hall come with privacy dividers and reclinable seats.Image credit: @seatingspectrum via Instagram

You can even lessen those odds by booking a premium screening at their PRIMO theatre which has special privacy cocoons for 2 ($60). They have single-seating options ($32) here too, so singletons can get a nice private bubble away from smooching lovers.

Overall movie date rating: 7.5/10. Besides having the cheapest standard ticket promos around, there’s also a bowling alley and ice rink in the same building so you can keep your date going.

Address: 5 Stadium Walk, Level 3 Kallang Leisure Park, Singapore 397693 Contact: 6344 5997 | Filmgarde Cineplexes website

3. The Projector at Golden Mile Tower – Indie cinema with retro vibes

movie theatres singapore the projectorImage credit: @sophie_dutoit via Instagram

Built upon the bones of Singapore’s Golden Theatre which ruled the local movie scene in the 70s, The Projector is a must-visit for anyone with a soft spot for classic films or avant-garde cinema. 

They do things differently here; aside from the latest Hollywood offerings, the cinema also screens cult classics like Edward Scissorhands or Die Hard from time to time. They even hold special events occasionally to gather like-minded cinephiles, like their upcoming Twilight 15th anniversary celebration happening on 16th December 2023.

movie theatres singapore projector barThe Intermission Bar sells much more than your average concession stand. Find rice bowls, Thai milk tea, and even Canadian poutine.    Image credit: The Projector 

Once you step out of the elevator, the old-school architecture, vintage furnishings, and 70s-style photo booth give the theatre a certain je ne sais quoi. They’ve recently brought their old-school vibes to town with their Golden Village X The Projector collab. If the vibes are anything like their OG theatre, put us down for more movie dates there too. 

Overall movie date rating: 8/10. Indie films? Comedy Nights? Cult Classics? Try all of the above. You know this place is a solid movie date choice because several couples have actually held their pre-wedding shoots here.

Address: 6001 Beach Road, #05-00 Golden Mile Tower, Singapore 199589 Contact: The Projector website  

2. Golden Village GEMINI – Plush couple seats with wide leg room

movie theatres singapore geminiImage for illustrative purposes only. Actual dating experience may vary.Image credit: Golden Village

You know a cinema takes dates seriously when they dedicate entire theatres just for couples. The GEMINI theatres (from $13) at Golden Village’s Funan branch are equipped with extra leg room, and liftable armrests for couples.

Top up $2 and go from a standard seat to a premium one that gives you and your date more privacy and comfort. If trying to secure seats at Funan for 2 is a little difficult, GV has another GEMINI theatre at City Square Mall.   

Overall movie date rating: 8.5/10. Extra leg room and comfier seating, all for an additional top-up of $2. Colour your date impressed!

Funan branchAddress: 107 North Bridge Road, #05-01 Funan, Singapore 179105

City Square Mall branchAddress: 180 Kitchener Road, #05-02/03 City Square Mall, Singapore 208539

Full list of Golden Village GEMINI Showtimes

1. Shaw Theatres Lumiere – USB charging ports & snack discounts

movie theatres singapore lumiereImage credit: @figueras.seating via Instagram

Eastie or not, Singaporeans love to flock to Changi Airport to spend their downtime, and that includes dates. Of course, you can spend hours watching planes come and go at the viewing gallery. But if it’s a movie you’re after, the Shaw Theatres Lumiere hall at Jewel gives you the best couple seats money can buy. 

From $23, you’ll get reclinable leather seats to lean back on, a side table to hold snacks, and USB charging ports so your device will be all juiced up by the time the credits roll. Your ticket also comes with $5 credits which you can use at the MovieBites kiosk, giving you considerable bang for your buck.

movie theatres singapore shaw talentHis right side probably went numb 30 mins ago.Image credit: Shaw Theatres

The deal gets sweeter for students and seniors, who get further discounts during selected timings and days. So whether you’re celebrating your first monthsary, or had too many to count, Lumiere theatres at Jewel Changi, PLQ, and Balestier have the best seats in the house and best deals for couples. 

Overall movie date rating:  9/10. Plan airport dates because you see the relationship taking off. Haha. Please call me back. 

Full list of Shaw Theatres Lumiere showtimes 

– Best family-friendly cinemas –

Parents, we hear you. Sometimes all you want is to enjoy a movie without having to receive judgy looks from other patrons as you shuffle past them with your little one. With kid-friendly amenities and special promos for youths to enjoy, these cinemas will hopefully make movie outings a smoother experience for the entire fam.

3. iWERKS Theatre at the Discovery Centre – $7 tickets & 4D movies

movie theatres singapore iwerksCatch the latest blockbuster on their gigantic 5-storey high screen.Image credit: Singapore Discovery Centre via Facebook

Most of us probably recall excursions to the Discovery Centre back in our student days. It’s a peak-level “edutainment” establishment, but did you know that there’s a high-level cinema there too? The iWerks Theatre at Singapore Discovery Centre might not be the easiest theatre to get to, but with tickets going at $7, it’s well worth the journey.

While they don’t have a lot of options for snacks, they have something that will delight moviegoers of all ages: you’re allowed to bring your own munchies. Hurray for being able to openly enjoy our own refreshments – just don’t get too carried away and bring in non-finger food or anything too pungent in nature.

movie theatres singapore XD

Besides screening kid-friendly movies, they also offer 5-minute 4D rides ($10/adult, $8/child) that are guaranteed to get your heart racing. 

What happens during these 5 minutes? Well for starters, you’ll have to wear 3D glasses and a seat belt. You’ll feel strong winds and seismic tremors as you journey through mini movie simulations as the main character, outrunning dinosaurs or searching for survivors in a storm by helicopter. 

Overall family-friendly rating: 7.5/10. It’s pretty ulu unless you’re a Westie, but if you want to treat your kid to a new movie experience, a 5-storey high screen and 4D movie rides are tough to beat.Singapore Discovery CentreADMISSION FEEVaries, depending on activity. ADDRESS510 Upper Jurong Road, Singapore 638365 Opening Hours:Saturday 12:00-19:00 Show More Timings Hide

Monday 11:00 AM-08:00 PM
Tuesday 12:00 PM-07:00 PM
Wednesday 12:00 PM-07:00 PM
Thursday 12:00 PM-07:00 PM
Friday 12:00 PM-07:00 PM
Saturday 12:00 PM-07:00 PM
Sunday 11:00 AM-08:00 PM


2. EagleWings Cinematics – Kids under 90cm watch for free

movie theatres singapore eaglewings cinematicsImage credit: @eaglewingsloft via Instagram

Personally, I don’t remember going to a lot of movies in my childhood. But if my past self knew that EagleWings Cinematics had a “kids under 90cm watch for free rule”, I would have spent all my free time inside their halls until my growth spurt kicked in.

Tickets are normally priced from $10.50, which is not too shabby. The free admission for kids below 90cm in height is great for parents who don’t wish to fork out full prices for their child who may lose his or her interest in the film midway. Now you can test the waters to see if junior can sit through a full length movie, and earn their stripes to future movie outings.

Overall family-friendly rating: 8/10. Wishing we were kids again.

Address: 9 King Albert Park, #01-58 KAP Residences, Singapore 598332Contact: 9848 7777 | EagleWings Cinematics website

1. Shaw Theatres Dreamers – Kid-friendly environment & amenities

movie theatres singapore dreamers balestierThe Shaw Theatres Dreamers hall at Balestier.Image credit: Shaw Theatres

Theatres can sometimes be a scary affair for kids. A darkened auditorium, loud noises, and a huge screen seem a lot more daunting when you’re little. Shaw Theatres Dreamers is a twist on traditional cinemas that makes the environment a lot more welcoming to teeny tots.

The only kid-focussed cinema in Singapore to date, the theatre plays movies at a softer volume and leaves their colourful ceiling lights on. There’s also free seating over at their Balestier branch, so the little ones can jump from beanbag to beanbag if they feel inclined to do so.     

movie theatres singapore dreamers jewelImage credit: @caiyunjing via Instagram

 There’s also a Dreamers hall at the Shaw Theatres Jewel Changi branch, but the only difference is that they have allocated seating just like typical cinemas. What you can expect at both branches, though, is a well-equipped play area to entertain your kiddos should they want a break from watching the movie. 

Overall family-friendly rating: 10/10. No longer do parents have to fear that they’ll get boo-ed and pelted with popcorn the moment they enter a cinema with a toddler in tow. Okay, perhaps a little dramatic but you get the point. Kudos to Shaw for creating this safe space.

Balestier BranchAddress: 360 Balestier Road, #04-04 Shaw Plaza, Singapore 329783

Jewel BranchAddress: 78 Airport Boulevard, #B2-237 Jewel Changi, Singapore 819666   

Full list of Dreamers showtimes

– Best premium cinemas –

Premium cinemas, as you’d expect from the name, aren’t exactly the most affordable option. So if you’re splurging on a fancy theatre – whether it’s to fully immerse yourself in a highly anticipated blockbuster or to celebrate a special occasion – it’d better be worth the money. Here are some premium picks where all the bells and whistles justify the extra cost.

4. Shaw Theatres Premiere at NEX – $10 off snacks with every ticket

movie theatres singapore premiere nexYour seat comes with a USB charging port and a blanket to keep yourself warm.Image credit: Shaw Theatres

When you cop a ticket at Shaw Theatres’ Premiere at NEX your perks don’t just start inside the hall. You get exclusive access to their swanky lounge to rest and relax before heading to your comfy reclinable leather seat, where you can complement your viewing with some specialty dishes.  

movie theatres singapore shaw foodImage credit: @saserrah_eats via Instagram

Aside from bougie versions of typical movie snacks, you can also order heartier foods in bite-sized forms like air-flown beef cubes or mini gourmet sliders. Every standard ticket ($30) entitles you to a $10 F&B voucher, which you can use when you choose what to chow down on before or during your planned entertainment. 

Overall atas rating: 7/10. The extensive dining menu lets you feed your belly, not just your eyes.   

Full list of Shaw Theatres Premiere showtimes Address: 23 Serangoon Central, #04-64 NEX, Singapore 556083

3. WE Cinemas First Class at 321 Clementi – Free set meal

movie theatres singapore we cinemasPutting the “Wah” in Eng Wah.Image credit: WE Cinemas By Eng Wah

At WE Cinema’s First Class hall at 321 Clementi, every seat is a good seat thanks to their spacious 24-seater theatre. You get cushions and blankets with your reclinable designer seat plus, if you call ahead, you can arrange for flowers, cake, and even limousine service. Definitely the makings of a spoil market date, if we say so ourselves.

WE Cinemas is also known to offer seasonal promos which further sweeten the deal. For instance, they’re currently offering a complimentary set of nuggets and hashbrowns with a drink for each First Class ($32) weekday show before 6pm.

Overall atas rating: 7.5/10. While $32 seems pretty standard pricing for premium movie experiences, the free food suddenly makes it seem a lot more cost-effective.

Address: 321 Clementi Avenue 3, #03-03 321 Clementi, Singapore 129905  

Full list of WE Cinema First Class showtimes

2. Cathay Cineplex Platinum Suites – $16 for seniors & students

movie theatres singapore platinum suitesThey offer corkage when you BYOB.Image adapted from @theresaalisonz via Instagram

Geographically, the West only has 4 cinemas for residents to patronise – but it’s nice to know that you won’t have to travel far for a VIP movie experience. The Platinum Movie Suites at Jem’s Cathay Cineplex branch offers premium seating options that aren’t that extraordinary, but their discounts hit different.

Tickets are fixed at $27, so you don’t have to fret about paying weekend surcharges if that’s the only time you’re free. Every ticket comes with gourmet caramel popcorn and your choice of green tea or water. Seniors and students get to enjoy this luxurious experience at just $16 on weekday afternoon screenings, those lucky ducks. 

Overall atas rating: 8/10. While there aren’t that many cinema options in the western region of SG, Westies might low-key have the most value-for-money premium cinema option.

Full list of Cathay Cineplexes’ Platinum Suites showtimes 

Address: 50 Jurong Gateway Road, Level 5, Jem, Singapore 608549

1. Golden Village Gold Class – 45 premium options to choose from

movie theatres singapore gold classGold Class ticket holders gain access to swanky private lounges before showtime.Image credit: Golden Village

Golden Village not only has the most cinemas islandwide, but they also have multiple options to fine-tune your moviegoing experience: Gold Class, Gold Class Express, Deluxe, and Duo Deluxe. Technically, even the GEMINI theatres we featured in the best cinemas for dates section count as a luxury option too.

movie theatres singapore gold class expressGold Class Express seats have motorised backrests,45-degree footrests, and dual USB charging points.Image credit: Ferco Seating 

For maximum comfort, opt for Deluxe ($18) where you’ll get extra large reclining seats with added lumbar support. If you’ve got a pal with you, there’s the slightly cheaper Duo Deluxe ($16), which has the same perks but slightly smaller seats.

Gold Class ($32) and Gold Class Express ($28) are virtually the same, but you pre-order your meals through the iGV mobile app with the latter instead of browsing the menu selection right before your movie.         

Overall atas rating: 9/10. The availability of different options at a range of price points allows discerning moviegoers to enjoy small but regular splurges, and ball out for blockbuster screenings.

Find out more about Golden Village premium offerings

– Best value-for-money cinemas –

 As far as movies go, it definitely pays to be a student or senior, especially on weekdays. If you don’t fall into those demographics and are trying to catch a flick on weekends, you can still have a movie sesh on a budget. We’ve rounded up the major cinema chains in Singapore and ranked them based on their standard prices, discounts, and locality. 

Movie prices for Cathay Cineplexes, Golden Village & Shaw Theatres

movie theatres singapore pricesPrices are pretty standard throughout the week, but Shaw Theatres is the place to be if you want to don some 3D glasses. 

Cinema chains in Singapore

movie theatres singapore mapWesties and Northies deserve more love. You’ve got options aplenty in town and in the East, though.Image adapted from: OpenStreet

3. Golden Village – Most locations in Singapore

movie theatres singapore gv tsl

Even if you don’t count their cinema that’s part of a collab with The Projector, Golden Village still has 15 screens across the island. Some even have distinct features from the rest.

For instance, GV Suntec has the widest screen of any local theatre, and is equipped with a Auro 11.1 3D sound system. This means that the halls have speakers installed all around, for an extra immersive experience.

And if following quick dialogue in strong ang moh accents is not your forte, you’ll be pleased to know that GV Plaza Singapura and VivoCity offer screenings with English subtitles.

Overall moviegoer experience: 8/10. If you live near a mall, chances are there’s a Golden Village inside. Simply follow the smell of buttered popcorn. 

Full list of Golden Village cinemas

2. Shaw Theatres – Cheapest 3D tickets

movie theatres singapore imaxImage credit: @singprobane.expat via Instagram

Any die-hard cinephile will know that IMAX is probably the best way to see a movie, with unparalleled quality in terms of sound and picture. In Singapore, only Shaw Theatres has IMAX projectors, with standard screenings starting from $18 exclusively at their Waterway Point cinema. It’ll cost you an extra $2 at all other Shaw Theatres cinemas.

Is it worth the extra cash? For starters, every cinema screens movies in digital format. But IMAX projectors do it with lasers in 4K, so you’re seeing the sharpest possible image, as the movie makers intended. Along with that, crisp 12-channel audio so you won’t miss any minute audio details.  

Overall moviegoer experience: 8.5/10. Quite literally the best way to watch big-budget Hollywood blockbusters, at relatively affordable prices. 

Full list of Shaw Theatres cinemas

1. Cathay Cineplex – Best value & convenience

movie theatres singapore cathay

If you want the best picture and sound, see it in IMAX. If you want to make your movie experience extra special, there’s GV Gold Class with their array of premium options. But if you just want to see a movie on a budget with no frills, Cathay Cineplex has arguably the best deals for moviegoers.   

Sure, $7 weekday student-priced tickets can be found at Shaw and GV. But students get in for $6 on Tuesdays over at Cathay, and it’s not just before 6pm because this promotion runs all day. The same applies for seniors, who get to enjoy all-day $4 tickets on Tuesdays too. TGIT!   

movie theatres singapore containerImage credit: @toyogogroup via Instagram

If you missed Cathay’s last Bring Your Own Container Day, be on the lookout for the many other movie tie-ins, giveaways, or Cathay Cineplexes promotions that are quite a regular affair.  

Overall moviegoer experience: 9/10. Cathay might not be everyone’s go-to cinema but as far as deals go, they’re untouchable – especially on Tuesdays. 

Full list of Cathay Cineplexes cinemas 

Bonus: Carnival Cinemas – Bollywood films of all genres

movie theatres singapore carnivalA screening of the Eras tour movie? Nope. Just another movie night at Carnival. Image credits: Prasanna Brabourame via Google Images

Carnival Cinemas might not be on your radar, as most Singaporeans know of it as the other theatre in Golden Mile Tower besides The Project, that screens only Bollywood or Kollywood – AKA Tamil cinema – movies. While that may be true, there are still so many different genres under the Indian films umbrella. 

Ever seen an Indian psychological thriller? Or wondered how scary a Bollywood horror film can be? For $16/ticket, you can find out. And of course, we all know how next-level Bollywood dramas and romances can be. Give it a try next time you need some variety in your TVB series and K-drama rotation.

Trust us when we say the vibes go extra hard inside their 1,007-seater hall. Moviegoers rarely stay seated during screenings when a bonafide Indian bop comes on.

Overall moviegoer experience: 8/10. Where else in SG can you get a truly authentic Indian movie viewing experience?

Address: 6001 Beach Road, #03-00 Golden Mile Tower, Singapore 199589 Contact: 6902 7095 | Carnival Cinemas website    

Which movie theatre is the best in your opinion?

There are many considerations when it comes to ranking which movie theatre is the best in Singapore. With our categorised list, you can now zone in on the top picks for each budget, occasion, and even the criteria for optimised viewing.

Whether you’re a student having an after-school movie outing, going on movie dates with bae, or planning a cinema adventure for your little ones, we hope this guide will serve you well over the chapters of your life.

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Cover image adapted from: The Projector, @singprobane.expat via InstagramAvatar

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