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This HDB Void Deck In Woodlands Has Kampong & Gardens By The Bay-Inspired 3D Art

Woodlands Drive 62

Part of the joys of becoming a teenager is experiencing the major glow up – growth spurts, sharper features, and bye bye baby fats. Transforming alongside us is our beloved HDB void decks, which have come a long way since its typical white paint and green chair era. For those seeking IG-worthy backgrounds, you’ll want to pay Woodlands Drive 62 a visit. 

Gardens by the Bay-inspired pillars

woodlands drive 62

The evolution of Singapore’s HDBs is pretty dang impressive, if you ask me. Gone are the days where you would find plain coloured brick walls, and abandoned table tennis tables at the void deck. 

woodlands drive 62

Nestled in Woodlands are the murals painted by local artist Yip Yew Chong, and these have been split into 3 themes. At the Modern & Futuristic City zone, you’ll see 2 eye-catching pillars that resemble the iconic Gardens by the Bay Supertree Grove. Tying in the sci-fi vibes are the orb-like baubles floating around a metropolis – think Wakanda IRL

Giant jackfruits & long-tailed macaques

woodlands drive 62Image adapted from: Yip Yew Chong

Then, mosey on over to the Nature zone where you’ll spot portraits of common animals in Singapore. We’re talking about the long-tailed macaques, great egrets, and small-clawed otters. No need to keep your distance with these wildlife as they won’t jump on you. 

There are also giant jackfruit trees that adorn the pillars. You can pose next to the ginormous fruits and snap a tonne of pics, since it’s unlikely that most of us can grow such luscious loot in our backyards.  

Kampong home & paddy fields

woodlands drive 62

Not many of us were around during the peak kampong days, using charcoal to cook in the kitchen and having simple home decorations. Set in contrast to the futuristic section is the Farmland & Kampong zone, where young’uns can get a glimpse of the chill kampong life. 

woodlands drive 62

Check out the mock living room that sports a retro television, old-school wooden chair, and the sarong cradle that most millennials have slept in. We can’t forget the chou chouAKA comfort pillow – found on the floor, and a peaceful sleeping kitty which kinda looks like TSL’s office cat Pika. 

woodlands drive 62

There’s also a living room area complete with a tingkat and traditional food, placed atop the classic green-marbled table and chair. With the illustrations looking realistic, you can almost imagine what it was like having dinner at one of these kampong houses. 

woodlands drive 62Picture you, looking at the raft of ducks, looking out at the waters.

Adding some greenery to the space is the paddy field illustration, where you can see rows of vegetables being grown in the soil. We may not know what kind of vege that is, but they sure look fresh

woodlands drive 62

Round up your visit with a game of snakes and ladders – but this time, you’re the game piece.

IG-worthy void deck at Woodlands Drive 62

Our Lion City is nothing short of museums – but if you’re looking for something closer to home, consider hitching a ride down to the North and checking out the hand-painted murals at Woodlands Drive 62. 

Come with your cameras charged and poses ready, as there are a bunch of photo ops waiting for you here. And with the holiday season coming up, switch up your IG feed and take your Christmas or CNY OOTDs in front of these pillars – you’ll definitely stand out amongst your friends. 

Address: 683C Woodlands Drive 62, Singapore 733683

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Photography by Alvin Wong.


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