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Punggol Has A New 5-Storey Regional Library With Interactive Exhibits, Cool Tech Zones & Cafe

Punggol Regional Library

PSA to all bookworms: the new Punggol Regional Library has finally opened its doors to the public, and it’s chock full of resources and amenities for all to enjoy. Think 5 storeys of books, interactive zones, and DIY activities for the young. Interested? Keep reading to find out more. 

Level 1: play with toys & chill on beanbags

punggol regional library - toy library tinkertotsImage credit: The National Library Board

The first floor is home to the Toy Library and TinkerTots perfect for parents with young children. The former is what you’d expect from its name – kiddos can play with a wide array of educational toys, and play dress up with the costumes provided. On the other hand, TinkerTots lets them fiddle around with various items to boost their 5 senses. 

punggol regional library - stories come alive roomImage credit: The National Library Board

Just next door is the Stories Come Alive Room, where projections of various words in English, Mandarin, Malay, and Tamil will “float” around the walls – much like the exhibitions found at the ArtScience Museum

Once you’re done browsing the books and activities, head over to the Calm Pod and chill on the beanbags. This space is only open to persons with disabilities, and access will be given by the staff. 

Level 2: DIY fun trinkets & refuel at the cafe

punggol regional libraryImage credit: Public Libraries Singapore

Children who are hungry to learn more about the world can peruse the collection of resources that has been shared by libraries from across the globe. These materials are suitable for kids aged 4-12 with topics that include world cultures, cyber etiquette, and globalisation.

punggol regional library - spark!labChallenges include building a tower on an unstable surface.Image credit: Public Libraries Singapore

For some hands-on activities, mosey on over to Spark!Lab. Kids will be presented with various challenges, and they’ll have to use their noggin to craft solutions with the given tools. Parents, this is also the place where you can get involved and bond with your kiddo.

punggol regional library - storyteller coveImage credit: Public Libraries Singapore

If you’re constantly getting requests for a bedtime story, bring your kids to the Storyteller Cove where they’ll get to learn about various cultures and history through the stories. But the storytelling session comes with a fun twist – children will get to be involved and craft physical props of the story. 

punggol regional library - arteaseImage credit: @thereadingniffler

Then, refuel with some yummy grub at Artease. Indulge in a plate of spaghetti ($8.50) or a slice of cheesecake ($6.20), then wash everything down with a cup of earl grey milk tea ($3). 

Level 3: browse local novels & artworks

punggol regional library - punggol storiesImage credit: The National Library Board

Level 3 is where you’ll find all things local. Born and bred Punggol residents – Punggolians? – can uncover the different aspects of Punggol via the interactive exhibition, such as the history of how it was during World War 2 and the changes it has gone through. There are artwork displays by students from schools like Rainbow Centre and St. Andrew’s Autism School too. 

punggol regional library - book of possibilitiesImage credit: The National Library Board

As you walk around the space, you’ll come across a giant book display. This installation features popular teen reads from genres including fantasy and science fiction, and interested young’uns can also sign up for interactive workshops too.

Level 4: all things tech

punggol regional library Image credit: The National Library Board

That’s right, there’s a Mario Kart-inspired booth in the Punggol Regional Library. This level lets you experience and try out a tonne of cool tech, including a challenge where you’ll be racing with an AI driver. 

punggol regional libraryImage credit: The National Library Board

For those curious about the process of bringing these tech to life, there are programmes at the library available to try your hand at 3D printers, digital cutters, and working robots under the guidance of the staff. 

punggol regional library Image credit: The National Library Board

I think it’s clear by now that this place isn’t just about the books. They’ve also kickstarted the support programme Launch for entrepreneurs and freelancers alike, where information and resources are readily accessible. There are even consultations available with professionals from the relevant fields.

punggol regional library Image credit: The National Library Board

As with most libraries, you’ll also find co-working zones which you can use for free – there are wheelchair-friendly sections here too. If you require the Internet or NLB’s online resources, simply drop by the multimedia zone to access them. 

Level 5: join or host workshops

punggol regional library Image credit: The National Library Board

Think of the highest level as a huge collaborative space. Businesses and individuals can use the 2 rooms to hold workshops and discussions, about anything and everything. Fun fact: you can see Coney Island at this level. 

Check out the Punggol Regional Library

punggol regional library Image credit: Public Libraries Singapore

Adding to the ever growing list of things to do in Punggol is the newest Punggol Regional Library, where you’ll find a slew of activities suitable for all ages. And of course, the whopping number of books waiting to be borrowed. Time to head down and crack the books. 

Address: 1 Punggol Drive, One Punggol, #01-12, Singapore 828629Opening hours: 10am-9pm, Daily (Closed on PH) 

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Cover image adapted from: The National Library Board, Public Libraries Singapore, Public Libraries Singapore, Public Libraries Singapore


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