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Ranoh Island Is A Lesser-Known Beach Retreat Near Batam With Glamping, Kayaking & A Water Park In The Sea

Ranoh Island

So you think you’ve run out of things to do after checking off these things to do in Batam and things to do outside Batam city. Well, here’s the scoop. There’s a private island just 15 minutes off the city’s southern shore that offers a resort-style escapade for those who seek thrill and tranquillity.  

Ranoh Island is a 43-hectare oasis, cradled in the snorkelling spectacular of the Riau Archipelago. From a floating water park to glamping tents to seafood barbeque, here’s what you can expect.

White sandy beaches & turquoise waters

Ranoh IslandImage credit: @ranohisland

It’s easy to see why Ranoh Island is a self-described “premier tropical getaway”. With its white beaches, turquoise seas, and coconut trees, the island is nothing short of a beach paradise.

Day tours to Ranoh start from a modest $55 and end with a speedboat back to Galang Terminal, Batam’s southern-most port, at 4pm. For guests who wish to revel in the resort a little longer, there are villas and hostels on Ranoh Island that you can check in to. 

Ranoh Island - Villa HostelInside the villa and hostel.Image credit: @ranohisland, @ranohisland

Also, use this opportunity to embark on a digital detox and embrace mother nature, since there’s no internet connection here. If you’re ever in need of any assistance, the friendly staff are more than happy to help you – so say the reviews online.

Of course, no island getaway is complete without its fair share of beach fun – at Ranoh Island, there are 19 free activities that cover both land and sea. 

Flounce in a water park & canoe to mangrove forests

Ranoh Island - Water ParkImage credit: @ranohisland

A water park on actual water is a luxury Singapore’s geography can’t ordinarily afford. Thankfully, you can slip n’ slide yourself silly on the island’s floating obstacle course, and challenge your friends to an epic Wipeout or Ninja Warrior showdown. 

Ranoh IslandImage credit: @ranohisland, @ranohisland

Canoe around the island to explore hidden mangrove forests, or snorkel among some of the best-preserved reefs in the South China Sea. You may even pay extra for premier water activities like fishing, ocean rafting, or “Fat Boy” – a see-saw-like float that will launch you upwards when someone jumps on it from behind.

Beach volleyball, mahjong & glamping

VolleyballImage credit: @ranohisland

Once you’ve soaked long enough, dry off with some land sports like beach volleyball, soccer, archery, and frisbee. If you don’t jive with physical games, try some mental exercises instead at the beach’s darts, chess, and mahjong huts. 

Ranoh IslandImage credit: @ranohisland, @ranohisland

Then, ride an ATV to your glamping spot and fall back into a hammock or tanning bed with a cocktail from the island’s bar in hand. The sun tents and Balinese umbrellas strewn across the beach offer ample shade and breeze for you to sit back, relax and watch the world slip by.

Spicy & grilled Batam food

Ikan BakarImage credit: @masganinfo

Among the few independent eateries scattered across the island, most of their menus serve grilled and spicy Batam specials with fish, prawn, chicken, and vegetables. The locals recommend Ikan Bakar, a charcoal-grilled fish which is usually served alongside homemade sambal kecap, and Rojak Ayam, which is fried chicken drenched in tangy, rojak sauce. 

Visit Ranoh Island for a quick getaway

Ranoh IslandImage credit: @ranohisland

If you’re stuck on where to go for a quick getaway, beach please – Ranoh Island is where it’s at. From Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, take a 40-minute ferry ($79 for round trip) to the Batam Centre Ferry Terminal. Then, take an hour-long drive through Batam before boarding a 15 minute speedboat from Galang Terminal to Ranoh Island. 

Book a ferry from Tanah Merah to Batam.

While it may sound like quite the journey, you’ll reach your destination within 2 hours – a fraction of the time taken for the usual 3-hour flight from Singapore to Bali. 

Galang terminalImage credit: Ranoh Island

Plus, take in sun, sand, sea, and savings when you book itinerised tours through travel agents that offer a variety of day-trip and meal-inclusive packages. Most travel packages to Ranoh Island also cover all the transport logistics, so that’s an extra load off your shoulders.

Here’s to livin’ la vida loca.

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