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Scoot Has Flights To Seoul From $160 To Find KBBQs & Oppas For Cheap  

Scoot’s 10th-anniversary sale 

SeoulImage credit: @_young2ee

Our love affair with Seoul is a tale as old as time. Who doesn’t love chio themed cafes, Korean BBQs, cherry blossom festivals, and maybe the chance to bump into your favourite K-Pop idols? You want it, you got it

If you’ve been wanderlusting after South Korea, you can now snag flights for cheap. That’s because Scoot has just announced flight deals – with one-way flights to Seoul from $160.

What to do on your trip to Seoul

SeoulImage credit: @itsmedebbiiie

There’s a myriad of things to do in Seoul. Shop for unique handcrafted goods at Hongdae Art Free Market or wander around an old village, Bukchon Hanok Village. It was once home to  royal families, aristocrats and government officials. Today, you’ll still find traditional Korean hanoks dating back to the Joseon Dynasty.

Flights to Seoul from Singapore - cafesEscape reality at this 2D cafe in Seoul.Image adapted from: @patdboss, Greem Cafe

You can’t visit Korea without punctuating your trip with coffee-stops. Eat and drink your way through this list of unique cafes in Seoul. Potterheads can live out their wildest dreams at 943 King’s Cross, a Harry Potter-themed cafe in Hongdae; while those searching for unique backdrops for the gram should check out Greem Cafe, a 2D cafe inspired by a Korean animated web series. 

Other cheap one-way Scoot flights

The airline is celebrating its 10th anniversary and it’s a gift that keeps on giving. If you’re not feeling like a vacation in Seoul, there are over 35 other destinations to travel to with rates as low as $55, such as:

Bali: From $79Chiang Mai: From $106Phuket: From $65 Kuala Lumpur: From $55Ho Chi Minh: From $70Seoul: From $160Jeju: From $180 Perth: From $139Athens: From $169 Berlin: From $179 

Note: The sales run from now till 6th June, but you can book for travel until 25th March 2023. 

Book flights to Seoul for cheap 

If you’ve still got a lot of ALs to clear, this is your sign to book a flight somewhere, anywhere. It’s time to take a much-needed break – whether to Seoul or neighbouring countries like Bali. With pretty affordable prices thanks to the Scoot sale, an overseas getaway is well on the cards. 

Just remember to keep an eye out for the entry requirements for the destinations you’re visiting. 

Other places you can travel to: 

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Cover image adapted from: @_young2ee, @patdboss, @ss_young_aa


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