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Singapore Public Holidays 2021 – How To Maximise Your ALs To Get 9 Long Weekends This Year

Singapore Public Holidays 2021 

Nothing quite spells A-M-A-Z-I-N-G as a weekday not at your office desk. So this 2021, we’re glad to welcome a new set of public holidays for some well-deserved breaks.

Unfortunately, unlike the glorious seven of last year, this year, we’ve only got four slated long weekends out of the 10 public holidays. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll have to struggle through all the days in between. The good news is that with some planning, that measly four can be extended to nine long weekends, all by using just nine days of leave.

How to maximise public holidays in 2021 

You’ll notice that our remaining three long weekends only fall on Chinese New Year, Good Friday, and National Day.

But with just one day of AL each, Hari Raya Puasa, Hari Raya Haji, Deepavali can easily be turned into extended long weekends for some extra R&R. Some holidays also lie close to each other, so connecting them up for a long break is also very much doable, even if you only have a handful of ALs.


1. Chinese New Year – 3-day long weekend

PH falls on: 12th Feb 2021 (Fri) & 13th Feb 2021 (Sat)Number of ALs needed: 0

Go on a “Bali” getaway in Singapore

The Halia - Singapore Public Holidays 2021Ubud-like cafeImage credit: The Halia

During previous long weekends like Chinese New Year, the nearby idyllic island of Bali used to be the perfect quick getaway for folks out there. Granted, we can’t yet travel this year; so those missing Bali, live up your island getaway dreams with a 3D2N pseudo-Bali holiday instead.

Amara Sanctuary - Singapore Public Holidays 2021Couple’s Suite with pool accessImage credit: Amara Sanctuary

Revel in island luxury at Sentosa’s Amara Sanctuary, with suites featuring direct infinity pool access and one-bedroom villas where you can dip into your own private pool from $623/night. A budget-friendly alternative also is available at the nature-surrounded Lloyd’s Inn (from $160/night).

Bollywood Veggies Experience “Tegalalang” with rice planting at Bollywood Veggies 

To complete the experience, we’ve also sussed out spots where you can dine in an Ubud-like cafe, find a Canggu bakery and try rice-planting in Singapore in our how-to 3D2N “Bali” getaway guide.


2. Good Friday – 3-day long weekend

PH falls on: 2nd Apr 2021 (Fri)Number of ALs needed: 0

Go on a 3D2N cruise escapade with 50% off the Royal Caribbean

Good Friday naturally falls on our favourite weekday every year. To make it a great Friday, maximise your long weekend with a cruise trip that’ll take you away from our little island.

Royal Caribbean - Singapore Public Holidays 2021Image credit: AF Travel

Although most cruises won’t be running through this April, the Singaporean-favourite Royal Caribbeans’ Quantum of the Seas will still be sailing as per usual. On top of that, bookings are going at 50% off from now till 18th March 2021 – so make sure to seas the deal.

Royal CaribbeanNorth StarImage credit: @victorvoyages

On board, escape all your work emails and calls as you take a dip in the deck pool, lounge on the sunbeds or enjoy 360-degree views of the sunset from their North Star viewing capsule – the tallest viewing deck on any cruise ship. Adrenaline junkies can also experience new highs with the ships’ iFly and wave simulator for non-stop activities throughout the stay.

Ripcord - Royal Caribbean - Singapore Public Holidays 2021Ripcord by iFly on Quantum of the SeasImage credit: @royalcarribbeansg

Enjoy your trip with a peace of mind as health and safety measures include mandatory Covid-19 testing for all passengers and crew. There’s also reduced capacity on board and thorough cleaning of surfaces with medical-grade cleaning agents approved by Singapore authorities. 

Book your sail on the Royal Caribbean 


3. Labour Day – 3-day long weekend

PH falls on: 1st May 2021 (Sat, assuming off-in-lieu on 3rd May)Number of ALs needed: 0

Unwind from your 9-to-6 with a themed staycation 

Fun fact: The Labour Day public holiday originated from a rally back in 1886 that advocated for eight-hour work days. If you’ve been clocking way more hours than that solid eight on the daily, it’s time to finally pamper yourself silly.

The Capitol Kempinski HotelImage credit: The Capitol Kempinski Hotel

Spice up the standard bed-and-breakfast deal with a staycation that’s themed; be it after your dream country to visit, or one based on your horoscope. There’s plenty to pick from to find the perfect one this public holiday: The Capitol Kempinski Hotel looks right out of a luxurious European holiday, while Hotel Yan channels serious Tokyo vibes. 

Singapore Public Holidays 2021 - Hotel YanImage credit: Hotel Yan

For those planning a romantic getaway, impress your SO with a curated stay based on his or her horoscope. Leos, the kings and queens of the zodiacs, would swoon over the royal treatment at Orchard Road’s Shangri-La, while hipster Saggis out there will probably adore you for booking a weekend in the rustic Warehouse Hotel. 

The Warehouse Hotel - Singapore Public Holidays 2021Old-world influenced interior of The Warehouse Hotel

4. Hari Raya Puasa – 4-day long weekend

PH falls on: 13th May 2020 (Thu)Number of ALs needed: 1

Enjoy “springtime” and cherry blossoms in Singapore 

Most avid travellers would know that May is the perfect time of the year to catch spring in full bloom across most of the Northern Hemisphere, including Japan, Korea and most countries in Europe. While Singapore may not have the four seasons, enjoy your “springtime” in our island’s many floral-themed cafes and bars during this long weekend instead. 

The Summerhouse - Singapore Public Holidays 2021

A garden party with your besties in The Summerhouse’s whimsical bubble domes filled with garlands and decorative vases of flowers is one way to feel like you’re swept away in the beauty of springtime from $380/2 pax. No worries about sweating; these domes are air-conditioned!

Kream Beer Image credit: @debbie_baby

Come evening, Kream Beer along Duxton Road is the perfect bar to chase the highly-coveted sakura, or cherry blossom, sightings. Much like how the Koreans and Japanese picnic under the trees, enjoy your beer and bar bites as you enjoy the view of the realistic pastel pink leaves hanging from above.

Shangri-La’s Orchid PavilionShangri-La’s Orchid Pavilion

Dining at Shangri-La’s Orchid Pavilion, making floral capsules and trying watercolour flower painting workshops are some of the other ways you can complete your make-believe spring holiday. Read our full guide to “seasonal” things to do in Singapore.

5. Vesak Day – 5-day long weekend

PH falls on: 26th May 2021 (Wed)Number of ALs needed: 2

Embark on an extended road trip around Singapore

Road trip - Singapore Public Holidays 2021Lim Chu Kang forest

Chances are, as we approach the mid-year, many of us would still be wary about jetting off, even if travel bans are miraculously lifted by then. That scenic road trip of our dreams to Australia or Iceland would have to wait – or would it? 

Singapore has plenty of roads too; with considerably ulu attractions and hidden gems in the furthest edges of our land to check out. Hop into your car or BlueSG sharing vehicle to explore these typically inaccessible attractions we usually pass up.

Gardenasia - Singapore Public Holidays 2021

Follow our guide to having a SG road trip adventure to find troves of things to do from the forests of Lim Chu Kang to the seasides of Changi Beach. Family-friendly activities include going on a staycation at the obscure farmstay villas of Gardenasia, and trying pottery in the oldest surviving dragon kiln in Singapore. 

Little Island Brewing

If your driver is willing to take one for the team, there’s also the quaint Little Island Brewing Co, with self-service beer on tap, and Handlebar, with tipples and American grub in a motorbike-themed setting.


6. Hari Raya Haji (4-day long weekend)

PH falls on: 20th July 2021 (Thu)Number of ALs needed: 1

Explore overseas-like districts at Arab Street, Golden Mile & Tanjong Pagar 

Masjid Sultan - Singapore Public Holidays 2021Masjid SultanImage credit: @50beautifulplaces

It’s July, meaning that the oft vacation-filled school holidays have just come and gone – a stark reminder that you probably still have not left the country since 3rd April 2020. If you can’t go overseas, at least feel like you are with the many overseas-like districts around.

Sultan Turkish RestaurantSultan Turkish RestaurantImage adapted from: @3sa, @sultangate.sg

Next to Masjid Sultan is Arab Street, or what can be considered a “Little Istanbul”, filled with Mediterranean-influenced halal restaurants with intricately-designed tiles and gorgeous tableware. Shop Persian carpets after, or grab an authentic pita from one of the bakeries there before you go.

Golden Mile Complex

Those missing their annual excursion to Thailand can make a beeline for Golden Mile Complex for their Thai supermarkets, mookata buffets and $10 crab omelette filled with generous crab meat, just like those found in BKK. 

And if you K-drama lovers crave the flavours of Korea, look no further than the rows KBBQ, jajangmyeon and Korean stew restaurants along Tanjong Pagar Road.


7. National Day (3-day long weekend)

PH falls on: 9th Aug 2021 (Mon)Number of ALs needed: 0

Island hop to the Southern Islands and Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin - Singapore Public Holidays 2021

The National Day long weekend usually brings to mind crowds at the National Stadium or Marina Bay Floating Platform. Staycations have to be booked long in advance and most attractions are filled to the brim. On Singapore’s 56th birthday, try something different by exploring what the country has to offer off the mainland. 

Pulau Ubin - Singapore Public Holidays 2021

We’re not sure if travel would be open by now, seeing the fiasco that 2021 started with, but going island-hopping will make you feel like you’re anywhere but Singapore.

Throwback to the kampong days with a bicycle ride around Pulau Ubin to visit the rustic homes, kelong zi char and scenic views all around. Weekends are the best time to visit as most stores would be open then!

Lazarus Island

In this 3-day long weekend, save another full day to explore the Southern Islands to frolic around Lazarus Island’s natural powdery beach, and visit Kusu’s Island’s wishing wells and tortoise sanctuary.

Read more about how you can island-hop to three islands for just $14.


8. Deepavali (4-day long weekend)

PH falls on: 4th Nov 2021 (Thu)Number of ALs needed: 1

Finally go on a getaway to Japan to experience autumn

Autumn Japan - Ogawa Hato Prefectural Natural ParkOgawa Hato Prefectural Natural ParkImage adapted from: Experience Fukushima

By November, we’re hoping that we’ve finally resolved all the problems from 2020 that have dragged on into 2021. Assuming we’ve all gotten our vaccines and travel is back up and running, set your eyes on Japan, as this time of the year is when many of its prefectures are bathed in blazing hues of orange all around. 

Autumn Japan, Yoyogi Park, TokyoYoyogi Park, Tokyo.Image credit: @yaruu_photography

According to Forbes, out of 200 countries, Japan is one of the safest countries to live in during the pandemic, so there’s a good chance everything is well in order here for tourism come autumn 2021. Tokyo, Kyoto and Fukushima are some of the hotspots you can visit with just one day of AL. If you’d rather avoid the crowds, onsen towns like the quaint Kinosaki will be a safer bet.

Kinosaki, Japan - Singapore Public Holidays 2021Kinosaki

If all else fails, we’ve also compiled a 3D2N itinerary of “Japan” things you can do in Singapore to still experience soothing onsen baths, majestic torii gates and the iconic capsule hotels – all without a flight.


9. Christmas & New Year (10-day holiday)

PH falls on: 25th Dec 2021 (Sat) and 1st Jan 2022 (Sat, assuming off-in-lieu on 27th Dec 2021 & 3rd Jan 2022)Number of ALs needed:

Escape to the sprawling, wide-open landscapes of New Zealand 

We’re always glad to have two public holidays in our last month of the year, December. To end this year off with a bang, combine Christmas and New Years to get a 10-day long break. Just remember to chope these dates early as they get taken up real fast.

New Zealand

Get out there to explore wide-open sprawling landscapes with the ever-picturesque New Zealand. December is the best time to visit this Southern gem to enjoy long and sunny days paired with A/C-like temperatures of 16°C to 24°C. 

New Zealand - Singapore Public Holidays 2021Image credit: @whereisglaya

Rent a car to take a road trip from Wellington, through natural thermal spas, rock formations and Marlborough Sounds – known to be visited frequently by dolphins. The country is also home to plenty of surreal and otherworldly sights with the rare Aurora Australis at Lake Tekapo and frozen glaciers during the summer at Mount Cook.

Mount CookMount CookImage credit: @carmenpataki

Should travel *touch wood* still be out of the picture by December, fall back on a pseudo “far-flung holiday” with these “Europe” things to do in Singapore. One just has to hope for better luck in 2022.

Enjoy your extended public holidays in 2021

Public holidays are a blessing our adulting lives would be way more monotonous without, and long weekends are perhaps the best morale booster one could possibly ask for. Make the most out of your public holidays in the near future with these local holiday ideas, and hopefully, travel ideas once we enter the last few months of the year!

Cover image adapted from: TheSmartLocal, AF Travel


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