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9 Things To Do In Bintan In 2023 – Including Family-Friendly Activities & Romantic Date Spots

Things to do in Bintan, Indonesia

When it comes to quick getaways that are nonetheless effective R&R, Singapore is fortunate to be situated close to destinations which don’t even require a flight to get to. We’re talking about nearby islands like Batam which are accessible via ferry. And if you’re looking to sail just a tad further, Bintan.

In this guide, we’ve rounded up a mix of activities that will suit everyone from adrenaline junkies to the more nua type of vacationers. There are also family-friendly things to do as well as itinerary ideas for couples looking for a slice of paradise, so bookmark this list for future trips and trip companions.

Table of Contents

Things to do in Bintan, Indonesia1. Zip down 7.5m slides & go water biking in a massive pool2. Visit scenic sand dunes & an IG-worthy blue lake3. Go on a rugged ATV joyride through the jungle4. Relax at a poolside bistro, open from 6.30am daily5. Spot mud lobsters, macaques & fireflies at Bintan Mangrove6. Stay on a permanently docked cruise-turned-hotel7. Venture to a charming floating kampung via boat ride8. Score bargains & visit the arcade at Tanjung Pinang City Center9. Sip on cocktails as the sun sets over a floating bar

1. Zip down 7.5m slides & go water biking in a massive pool

Treasure Bay Bintan Chill Cove - Things To Do In BintanImage credit: Treasure Bay Bintan via Facebook

Those old enough to remember the Big Splash along East Coast Park will find a hint of nostalgia at Chill Cove at Treasure Bay Bintan. It’s a massive 6.3-hectare man-made pool that’s home to every kind of water sport you can think of, from paddle boarding to jet skiing.

Most notably, you’ll find Bintan’s version of “Big Splash”: a 7.5m-high slide that’ll launch you like a cannon into the mega-sized pool. Other activities you can get up to with a single activity package include kayaking, water biking, and challenging yourself to a Wipeout-style slip and slide obstacle course.

Treasure Bay Bintan ADDRESSKawasan Pariwisata, Jl. Raja H. No.KM 01, Sebong Lagoi, Kec. Tlk. Sebong, Kabupaten Bintan, Kepulauan Riau 29155, Indonesia Opening Hours:Thursday 09:00-18:00 Show Time Hide

Monday 09:00 AM-06:00 PM
Tuesday 09:00 AM-06:00 PM
Wednesday 09:00 AM-06:00 PM
Thursday 09:00 AM-06:00 PM
Friday 09:00 AM-06:00 PM
Saturday 09:00 AM-06:00 PM
Sunday 09:00 AM-06:00 PM

GOOGLE REVIEWS4.6 (3724)CONTACT INFORMATION+62 770 691682 More InformationRECOMMENDED TICKETS AT $70.49 imageCheapest$70.49

2. Visit scenic sand dunes & an IG-worthy blue lake

Mention Bintan and most people would envision idyllic resorts and beach clubs, not deserts and sand dunes. Bintan Desert, AKA Busung Desert, is well worth a visit to explore a lesser-known side of the island. 

Bintan Desert Sand Dunes - Things To Do In BintanImage credit: Klook

Day tour packages are available, where you can be fetched from your accommodation. See picturesque sand dunes located a 40-min drive away from central Bintan. Make sure to bring along a scarf and some shades to channel your inner desert goddess as the breeze blows. Meanwhile, lads can strike a king-of-the-hill style pose.

Bintan Desert Blue Lake - Things To Do In BintanImage adapted from: Klook

The pristine blue lake also makes for some stellar IG shots, evoking major “secret hideout in nature” vibes that’ll have your followers flooding the comment section. Slot this day trip into your itinerary for some special sights in the great outdoors, and to traverse sand dunes without travelling to the Middle East.Book a sand dunes and blue lake tour.

Bintan Desert on Google Maps

Gurun Pasir Busung (Busung Desert, Bintan) ADDRESSJl. Raya Busung, Busung, Kec. Seri Kuala Lobam, Kabupaten Bintan, Kepulauan Riau 29152, Indonesia Opening Hours:Thursday 07:00-18:00 Show Time Hide

Monday 07:00 AM-06:00 PM
Tuesday 07:00 AM-06:00 PM
Wednesday 07:00 AM-06:00 PM
Thursday 07:00 AM-06:00 PM
Friday 07:00 AM-06:00 PM
Saturday 07:00 AM-06:00 PM
Sunday 07:00 AM-06:00 PM

GOOGLE REVIEWS4.3 (1285)CONTACT INFORMATION+62 851-5712-8881 More InformationRECOMMENDED TICKETS AT $30.85 imageCheapest$30.85

3. Go on a rugged ATV joyride through the jungle

Treasure Bay Bintan ATV - Things To Do In BintanImage credit: Treasure Bay Bintan

If an immersive out-of-city adventure is what you’re looking for, look no further than this off-road ATV trail offered by Treasure Bay Bintan. Prepare to go into the thick of it with a guided tour through the jungle. While a licence isn’t required, participants are encouraged to arrive 15 minutes before their booked time slot so they can familiarise themselves with the vehicle under the instructor’s tutelage.

Go for the 25-minute package (Rp 900,000, ~S$79.87) if you want just a beginner-friendly lap around the jungle trail. And if you think that’s barely enough to whet your appetite for thrill, go all out with the 1-hour package (Rp 1,800,000, ~S$159.74) to get into a bit of friendly racing and revving it up in the mud.

Book an off-road ATV trail package.

Address: Treasure Bay Bintan, Jalan Raja Haji KM 01 Kawasan Pariwisata, Teluk Sebong Lagoi, Bintan, Kepulauan Riau, 29152 IndonesiaOpening hours: Time slots subject to bookingContact: +62 770 69 1682 | | Treasure Bay Bintan website

4. Relax at a poolside bistro, open from 6.30am daily

The Patio Restaurant & BarImage credit: Sebastian Lum via Google Maps

On a hot day, escape the sun at The Patio Restaurant & Bar, a sheltered chillout spot situated within the glamping grounds of Natra Bintan, one of the many swanky resorts in Bintan

The Patio Restaurant & Bar CocktailImage credit: @jennzhuang via Instagram

Unwind with international nosh that range from char kway teow to burgers. They’ve also got Bintang beer (Rp 60,000, ~S$5.33) and cocktails (from Rp 125,000, ~S$11.10). Because they open at 6.30am, you can pop by for a nice breakfast with a view before you conquer your itinerary for the day.

Address: Jalan Raya Haji Km 1, Treasure Bay, Bintan Lagoi Teluk Sebong Lagoi Bintan Island, 29152 IndonesiaOpening hours: 6.30am-11pm, DailyContact: +62 811 778 2301 | The Patio Restaurant & Bar website

Natra Bintan, a Tribute Portfolio Resort ADDRESSJalan Raya Haji Km 01 Kawasan Pariwisata, Sebong Lagoi, Bintan Island, Bintan Regency, Riau Islands 29152, Indonesia Opening Hours:Thursday 00:00-00:00 Show Time Hide

Monday 12:00 AM-12:00 AM
Tuesday 12:00 AM-12:00 AM
Wednesday 12:00 AM-12:00 AM
Thursday 12:00 AM-12:00 AM
Friday 12:00 AM-12:00 AM
Saturday 12:00 AM-12:00 AM
Sunday 12:00 AM-12:00 AM

GOOGLE REVIEWS4.6 (2091)CONTACT INFORMATION+62 627 70692252 More InformationRECOMMENDED TICKETS AT $206.00 image$255.85imageCheapest$206.00

5. Spot mud lobsters, macaques & fireflies at Bintan Mangrove

Bintan Mangrove - Things To Do In Bintan

Whether it’s day or night, the Bintan Mangrove has something to offer. Take a trip out of your resort to explore the island’s lush mangrove forests while cruising along a relaxing boat ride. This is a great way to see the island’s diverse ecosystem up close, and appreciate Bintan’s offerings beyond the sunny beaches and fun water sports activities.

Mangrove Tour - Things To Do In BintanImage credit: Mangrove Discovery Tour

During the daytime, you’ll be able to spot mud lobsters, macaques, kingfishers, and silver leaf monkeys. Come evenings, some local tour companies also offer mangrove tours on a powerboat during which you can spot fireflies if you’re lucky.

Book a Bintan Mangrove & Fireflies Tour.

Address: Sebung Lagoi, Bintan, Indonesia

6. Stay on a permanently docked cruise-turned-hotel

Doulous Phos Ship Hotel - Things To Do In BintanImage credit: Klook

While Singapore has a garden pod hotel at Gardens By The Bay, Bintan has a cool ship hotel called Doulos Phos where you can spend the night on a permanently docked cruise ship. Once an actual operating vessel, the retired dry-berth ship now houses 104 cabins for your accommodation.

Doulos Phos Pool - Things To Do In BintanImage credit: @jon.sinaga.9 via Instagram

There are amenities aplenty, too. Look forward to 4 different eateries onboard, as well as in-cabin dining if you’d prefer room service. There’s also a lovely pool you can wade around in or get your tan on, and a Heritage Ship Tour if you’d like to delve into some maritime history. After all that food for your brain, you’ll get to tuck into a dinner spread while watching the sunset.

Book a Doulos Phos Heritage Tour with Sunset Dinner.

Doulos Phos The Ship Hotel ADDRESSKawasan Pariwisata Lagoi, 5868+9C5, Sebong Lagoi, Teluk Sebong, Bintan Regency, Riau Islands 29155, Indonesia Opening Hours:Thursday 00:00-00:00 Show Time Hide

Monday 12:00 AM-12:00 AM
Tuesday 12:00 AM-12:00 AM
Wednesday 12:00 AM-12:00 AM
Thursday 12:00 AM-12:00 AM
Friday 12:00 AM-12:00 AM
Saturday 12:00 AM-12:00 AM
Sunday 12:00 AM-12:00 AM

GOOGLE REVIEWS4.7 (152)CONTACT INFORMATION+62 770 961041 More InformationRECOMMENDED TICKETS AT $86.00 imageCheapest$86.00

7. Venture to a charming floating kampung via boat ride

Senggarang Island - Things To Do In BintanImage credit: Klook

Book a guided tour and travel to Senggarang Island by boat, where you’ll find a quaint village perched on stilts. See how the locals live their lives with their homes floating on water, and the sea literally at their doorstep.

Banyan Tree TempleThe fascinating entrance to Banyan Tree Temple, seemingly enveloped by roots.Image credit: Bintan Resorts

The tour also includes visits to 2 temples: Vihara Dharma Sasana and Banyan Tree Temple, which are among the oldest temples in Bintan. Thereafter, you’ll get to fuel up with some traditional snacks from the Tanjung Pinang local market, packaged and sold the old-school way. It’s giving roadside kacang puteh nostalgia vibes.

Book a Senggarang Water Village tour.

8. Score bargains & visit the arcade at Tanjung Pinang City Center

Tanjung Pinang City CenterImage credit: Cepe Satu via Google Maps

We all need a bit of retail therapy on our getaways. For Bintan, Tanjung Pinang City Center is the main mall in town, and you can hunt for bargain finds at their sprawling department store as well as lots of standalone boutiques. They’ve also got plenty of eateries for when you feel peckish, including cafes and bubble tea shops to quench your thirst.

Tanjung Pinang City Center ArcadeImage adapted from: Iman Prabawa & Randi Septino via Google Maps

Keep the little ones – and the young at heart – entertained at the Amazone arcade. Besides kiddy rides and a carousel, it’s got your standard game machines like shooters, street racing, and Dance Dance Revolution. The mall also has a bright and colourful play area where parents can grab a seat beside to get off their feet, while their restless toddlers tire themselves out.

Address: Jalan Raya Dompak, Batu 8 Atas, Sei Jang, Kecamatan Bukit Bestari, Kota Tanjung Pinang, Kepulauan Riau 29115, IndonesiaOpening hours: 10am-10pm, DailyContact: +62 771 4443522

9. Sip on cocktails as the sun sets over a floating bar

Calypso Floating Bar - Things To Do In BintanImage credit: @thetangledminds via Instagram

Within the Nirwana Gardens resort is where you’ll find Calypso Floating Bar. Trust us when we say that this is IG heaven, where you can snap up loads of enviable pics all along the boardwalk, and with the ocean as your backdrop. The best time to swing by is early evening, so you can be in time to catch the sunset.

Calypso Floating Bar Cocktail - Things To Do In BintanImage credit: @sh.er33 via Instagram

The bar serves up an assortment of liquor, mocktails, and cocktails. This includes original concoctions like the Bintan Beach Break (Rp 135,000, ~S$12) featuring dark rum, melon liqueur, and a medley of orange, pineapple, and cranberry juice. What better way to toast to a memorable holiday, than with a destination exclusive?

Address: 58G6+56, Sebong Lagoi, Kabupaten Bintan, Kepulauan Riau, IndonesiaOpening hours: Mon-Thu 4.30pm-10.30pm | Fri-Sun 11.30am-10.30pmContact: Calypso Floating Bar website

Journey to Bintan from Singapore by ferry

Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal - Things To Do In Bintan

For a chill vacay that’s perfectly suited to your kind of itinerary, head to Bintan. The best part is, you can easily hop on a ferry and zoom straight to Lagoi, Bintan whenever your heart desires.

From Singapore’s Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, there are daily ferries operating from morning till late afternoon that’ll get you to northern Bintan’s Bandar Bentan Telani Ferry Terminal in about 1 hour and 20 minutes. The ferries are said to be spacious and comfy with plush seats, and you can even top up to premium economy class for a complimentary beverage and lounge access.

Is it worth going to Bintan island?

Bintan is most famed for its beaches. But as this guide shows, there are plenty of activities for travellers of all kinds.

How many days are enough for Bintan?

Since it’s accessible by a quick ferry ride less than 2 hours each way, Bintan is great for short getaways. In order to maximise your itinerary, a long weekend trip would be ideal, and 3-4 days is just right to fit all the activities in.

How long is the ferry ride from Singapore to Bintan?

Depending on the ferry operator, the journey from Singapore to Bintan ranges between 1 hour and 10 minutes to 1 hour and 45 minutes, one way.

What currency does Bintan use?

Bintan, an island within Indonesia, uses Rupiah (Rp). Make sure to prepare cash before your trip by visiting a money changer in Singapore.

What month is best to visit Bintan?

For dry and sunny weather that isn’t too scorching hot, April to October would be best. You get to escape the monsoon season which takes place November to March, and the average temperature stays at a nice balmy 26°C.

Book a ferry from Singapore to Bintan

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