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First Tokidoki-Themed Pop-Up Hotel In Asia: Now Open For Booking At The Quay Hotel Singapore

Tokidoki pop-up hotel in Singapore, 2019

Tokidoki hotel SIngapore

The hype for all things character-related is unwavering, as Singaporeans continue going starry-eyed over character cafes, snapping up cartoon Ez-Link charms, and lining up at ungodly hours for Happy Meal merch. We’re talking about grown adults here – guess there’s just something about themed stuff that brings out everyone’s inner child.

There are already numerous Hello Kitty hotel rooms all over Asia, so we’re pretty surprised that Singapore hasn’t followed suit with its own series of character-themed accommodation…Until now, that is.

Unbeknownst to our staycay-lovin’ masses, the first Tokidoki-themed hotel in Asia has been quietly operating in Singapore since October last year. You’ve got about 2 weeks left to enjoy their vibrant rooms, as they’re part of a pop-up at The Quay Hotel Singapore that will be running till 30th June 2019.

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About The Quay Hotel Singapore

Tokidoki The Quay Hotel Singapore

The Quay Hotel Singapore is a modest 6-storey building located in a row of shophouses in the Boat Quay area. It doesn’t have a gym or a pool, but the central location means you’re right in the thick of all the good food and bars – so you might as well throw that fitness regime aside and indulge.

– Tokidoki-themed rooms –

Tokidoki The Quay Hotel SingaporeThe corridor leading to the rooms are also themed, with large Tokidoki paintings hanging from the walls

There are a total of 3 Tokidoki-themed rooms, all located on the top storey of the hotel. A open-air rooftop event space also lies on the same floor.

Staycation idea for larger groups: Book up the entire level and have it serve as your private party pad!

Pastel Dreamland

Tokidoki The Quay Hotel Singapore

Those who squeal in excitement over all things pink would go nuts for Pastel Dreamland (from $200/night). Its walls are a candy-coloured invasion of Donutella, the donut character, and her equally colourful friends. OwO.

Tokidoki The Quay Hotel Singapore

It goes without saying that anyone who books themselves a stay in one of these rooms is mainly down for the aesthetic appeal of it all (i.e., photo-taking opportunities), so if you’re gonna do it for the cam, make sure you do it right! Since the walls are already a flurry of intense hues and patterns, it would help to wear solid basics so you don’t blend into the backdrop.

Tokidoki The Quay Hotel SingaporeA little nook behind the door where you can hang your clothes

Tokidoki The Quay Hotel Singapore

This particular room is the smallest of the lot, and while it doesn’t have a full-fledged wardrobe, there are pockets of space for you to chuck your bags, as well as multiple drawers for your clothes.

Tokidoki The Quay Hotel SingaporeEach of the 3 rooms comes with a mini-bar with tea and a little packet of themed cookies


Tokidoki The Quay Hotel SingaporeImage credit: Expedia

Taking you into the depths of the marine realm is the Mermicorno (from $190/night) room, which is peppered all over with the eponymous character.

Tokidoki The Quay Hotel SingaporeImage credit: Expedia

Quick backstory: Mermicornos are basically Unicornos that followed a falling star into a magical sea, and got transformed by the sparkly waters into their current half-unicorn, half-fish state.

Walls here come with an eye-pleasing azure baseImage credit: Expedia


Tokidoki The Quay Hotel Singapore

Now this one’s a little different. Instead of saccharine rainbow shades, the 24k (from $210/night) room comes in a muted palette of black, white, and gold with a bit of punk-rock edge.

Tokidoki The Quay Hotel Singapore

Mermicornos found here are laden with spikes and skull tattoos, accompanying slightly more sinister characters like Adios and Ciao Ciao – a pair of grim reaper-like creatures that got banished from hell because they were too good-natured to live in the infernal regions.

Tokidoki The Quay Hotel SingaporeCuddly plushies add a pop of colour to this otherwise monochromatic room

It’s not all doom and gloom though, because the illustrations are still way more adorable than spooky. None of the characters are meant to be evil, so don’t worry about them haunting you in your slumber.

Tokidoki The Quay Hotel SingaporeYou can’t bring the plushies home, but these drink floats that come with the complimentary bottled water are yours to keep

Tokidoki The Quay Hotel Singapore

All rooms – themed or otherwise – come with a free-to-use smartphone with unlimited local and international calls, internet access, as well as promotions for shopping and local attractions.

– Tokidoki rooftop space –

Rooftop event space The Quay Hotel

Hosting a birthday party or baby shower? Go all out and book the rooftop event space (from $200), which comes with a predominantly pink “sweet shop” theme.

Rooftop event space The Quay HotelChilling on a shaded garden swing

There’s a tent with tall tables and bar stools if you wish to hide away from the sun, and come night, it’ll be illuminated by twinkling fairy lights. Go on and open a mini makeshift bar there with your own bottles of alcohol – rosé would fit the pink settling perfectly!

Colourful standees and a life-sized character figure amp up the overall cute factor of the place.

Rooftop event space The Quay Hotel

Tokidoki-themed rooms at The Quay Hotel Singapore

Tokidoki The Quay Hotel Singapore

I’m the kind of girl who is big on all things kawaii and multi-coloured, and these rooms were certainly right up my alley – the psychedelic Harajuku-esque designs by Simone Legno have certainly brought a fresh twist to our boutique hotel scene, which is now dominated by sleek simplistic or industrial designs. Those are of course appealing in their own way, but have since gotten rather commonplace.

Tokidoki The Quay Hotel SingaporeBe sure to check out the merchandise shelf at the lobby for souvenirs you can purchase

The only bummer is the fact that these rooms will be shedding their colorful cloaks and turning back to their pre-fairy godmother state after June 30th. One can only hope that The Quay Hotel will come up with a cool new pop-up like this again in the future – or even consider a permanent themed floor.

Address: 57 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058688Telephone: 6532 2482Nearest MRT: Clarke QuayWebsite

Photo credit: Huy Pham and Daryl Goh

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