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Get Free Jinjja Chicken & Merch By Singing The TSL Jingle, In Celebration Of Our 10th Anniversary

TSL 10th anniversary Jinjja Chicken giveaway

It’s our birthday! But you get the goodies. To celebrate The Smart Local hitting the big 1-0, we’d like to show some appreciation to the readers, viewers, and followers out there who made it all possible. And speaking of local, it doesn’t get more Singaporean than snagging some freebies, does it? 

If you’d like to munch on some scrumptious Korean fried chicken for free, head to any of the 7 Jinjja Chicken outlets islandwide on 13th September 2023, 5pm-8pm. You’ll get to unlock 6-piece wings by singing the TSL jingle. You know the one: “The Smart Local … dot com!”. Read on for more deets, including how you can get your hands on some trendy merch as well:

How to get free Korean fried chicken & Jinjja Chicken merch

Jinjja Chicken Wings Korean

Glazed in sweet and savoury, finger-lickin’ sticky sauce, K-style fried chicken hits different. To savour Jinjja Chicken’s signature offerings without having to reach for your wallet, simply fulfill these steps:

Follow any of the 5 TSL Instagram pages: TheSmartLocal, Eatbook, Zula, Uchify, and MustShareNews. Follow Jinjja Chicken on Instagram as well. Screenshot both pages to show the Jinjja Chicken staff that you’re following the accounts. Prepare your vocal cords, and perform the TSL jingle. 

And there you have it, a piping hot box of chicken wings on the house – crispy on the outside, and juicy within. 130 sets will be up for grabs at each outlet, so it’ll truly be winner winner, chicken dinner for those who manage to get it while stocks last.

TSL10 Free Jinjja Chicken MerchK-Pop fans will love the graphic tee that says “Surf’s Up” on the front, and “Riding The Hallyu Wave” on the back.

Early birds will be further rewarded, as the first 70 redemptions per outlet will also nab a free piece of limited edition Jinjja Chicken merch. These are given at random, blind box style, no exchanges allowed. Depending on your fate, you might be going home with a trendy graphic tee, mug, or cuddly cushion designed to look like a packet of chips.

Jinjja Chicken Graphic T-ShirtThere’s also a shirt printed with the Korean words “jinjja” – AKA “really” – and the familiar Jinjja Chicken mascot.Image adapted from: Jinjja Chicken

The t-shirts and mugs come with sleek motifs and Korean terms like saranghaeyo (I love you) and baegopayo (I’m hungry) – very apt, as far as our views of Jinjja Chicken are concerned.

Stay tuned for more #TSL10 giveaways & the chance to win $100

If you’re still unclear on what exactly the TSL jingle sounds like, just watch any video on The Smart Local YouTube channel and replay the intro a couple of times – the tune will grow on you. Alternatively, check out our #TSL10 Instagram reel to see how others have fared in previous giveaways, and take inspo from their renditions. 

TSL10 Free Jinjja Chicken The Smart Local Jingle10s, 10s, 10s, across the board!

That’s right, this ain’t the first giveaway to celebrate our 10th anniversary, and it won’t be the last either. In case you missed it, we also partnered with Salted Caramel to dole out free double scoops of ice cream on 6th September.

TSL10 Free Salted Caramel Ice Cream

To stay privy to the next #TSL10 giveaway, make sure you follow us on Instagram. Heads up: the next one’s happening on 20th September. So far, we’ve given out ice cream and fried chicken. Whatever will it be next? 

Yummy food isn’t the only thing we’re treating our dear fans to, BTW. Keep an eye out for our new TSL$100 Challenges series kicking off on 25th September. We’ll be rewarding members of the public with $100 in cold, hard cash for completing some mystery challenges. You know the drill:

Follow TSL on Instagram for the latest updates

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Photography by Ian Sim.Cover image adapted from: Jinjja Chicken via Facebook


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