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There's Now A Gudetama Virtual Walk Where Even The Laziest Of Eggs Can Take Part In & Win

Gudetama virtual walk October 2021

There’s something innately relatable about Gudetama, the lazy egg icon from Japan. It calls out to the tired souls in us – whether we’re exhausted after long days at work, or overall done with the Covid-19 pandemic. 

For those who’ve been feeling idle over the past year, you now have something to look forward to: the Gudetama Eggs-ercise Journey, organised by 42Race. It’s happening from 1st – 31st October 2021, with early bird registration ending at midnight today (15th July 2021). Get your hands on exclusive merch just by taking a leisurely stroll: 

Take part in a “marathon” where timing doesn’t matter

Marathons are usually about endurance and speed – a feat for the fit. But with the Gudetama Eggs-ercise Journey, everyone can take part and win.

Gudetama virtual walk 2021Image credit: 42Race

All you have to do is walk to unlock “egg” checkpoints as you go along:

Stage 1: 3KMStage 2: 10KMStage 3: 20KMStage 4: 50KM

You’ll unlock virtual badges along the way. But even if you don’t manage to hit the minimum of 3KM, you’ll still get your finisher level – so everyone’s a winner. 

Here’s how to the virtual walk works: 

Register for the Gudetama Eggs-ercise Journey: The entry fee is $39.90 for regular entries, and $29.90 for early bird entries on 15th July 2021.Collect your race pack: Collect it at Palawan Kidz City, Sentosa on 2nd, 3rd, 9th, or 10th October 2021, or have it delivered at $6/participant.Walk: Clock in your walk from 1st – 31st October 2021. You can walk or run anywhere at any time of the day.Get your medal: Your medal will be delivered to you within two to four weeks after the event ends.

Get Gudetama merch when you sign up

Gudetama virtual walk 2021Image credit: 42Race

No marathon is complete without a race pack. Each sign-up comes with an exclusive pack to get you into the mood for the challenge. 

Sign up, and you’ll get the following:

A dri-fit sports teeAn exclusive gudetama sticker setA bacon sports towelA drawstring bagA finisher medal

Gudetama virtual walk 2021Arguably the cutest marathon medal you’ll ever winImage credit: 42Race

You can also add on exclusive Gudetama merch when you register for the event, to complete your entire look: 

Gudetama Oversized Cotton T-shirt (S$26.90)Tote bag (S$19.90)Double-sided Bucket Hat (S$19.90)Mask (S$9.90)A Happy Pack ($39.90) that comprises the tote bag, bucket hat and mask

Gudetama merchandiseImage credit: 42Race

Win a bucket hat and get referral discounts

Challenges need to be commemorated, especially if you’re all decked out in Gudetama merch. Snap a photo with your buddies and submit it to your Fitness Journal on the 42Race app (Google Play | Apple Store). Each member of your wefie may just win a double-sided bucket hat for your efforts. 

You can also help seven of your buddies and fam get 5% off their registration:

Log into your 42Race accountLook for “My Rewards” under the menuSelect “Redeem” to find out more about your codeShare the code with seven people

Take a stroll with Gudetama Eggs-ercise Journey

Gudetama Eggs-ercise JourneyImage credit: 42Race

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or someone who prefers to take things slow, the Gudetama Eggs-ercise Journey is a sure-win marathon for all. Start your stroll or run anytime between 1st – 31st October 2021 at your own convenience, and get your hands on limited edition Gudetama merchandise. 

Their Super Early Bird deal ($29.90, U.P. $39.90) ends today, 15th July 2021 at 11.59PM, so register now to get that sweet 25% off. Then, throughout the month of October, see if you can spot fellow Gudetama “eggs-ercisers” when you’re out and about. 

If you’re looking for inspo on where to walk, check out these nature parks:

Hidden nature spotsSingapore hiking trailsNature reserves & parks

Cover image adapted from: 42Race


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