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You Can Now Sign Up For A Jurassic World Half-Marathon, With AR Features And A Virtual Isla Nebular

Jurassic World Run

A T-Rex can reach speeds of up to 50KM/H. So boy, are we glad that we don’t have to face them today. But if you would like to enjoy the fascinating world of dinosaurs virtually, Jurassic World Run is coming to Singapore and will be happening from26th July – 30th September 2021.

Registrations are now open – here’s what’s in store:

5-21KM: Run longer distances for a more immersive experience 

jurassic world runImage adapted from: Jurassic World Run

While being chased by dinosaurs, your task will be to escape the fictional Jurassic World of Isla Nebular with AR features to complete the virtual experience. If simple motivation doesn’t spur you to run faster, maybe a hungry dinosaur sprinting after you might do the trick!

app interfaceImage credit: Jurassic World Run

Three different distances are available – 5KM, 10KM and 21KM – with longer runs taking you deeper into the adventure as you explore the island and look for your exit. A virtual finish line marks the end of your run – give yourself a pat on the back for making it out alive and getting a good calorie burn while you’re at it. 

outdoor run

The great thing about a virtual run is that you can pick your preferred time and place to complete the challenge. Busy folks can complete it in a nearby park connector after work, and nature lovers can find one of our island’s many nature running trails to truly feel like Owen Grady in Simon Masrani’s fantastical land.

jurassic world run - pricesImage adapted from: Jurassic World Run

Individual categories are available for runners looking to clock their new personal best, along with a variety of other categories as well. The Parent & Child combination is a good option for those looking to enjoy the prehistoric world with their little one. Else, sign up with your running BFF to conquer their 21KM half-marathon with a Team of 2.

Prices begin from just $35/person.

Track your run on their app

Download the MOVE by LIV3LY app (iOS | Android) to enjoy all the AR features during the run from the palm of your hand. You may be familiar with it if you signed up for the Marvel Virtual run earlier this year. For those who prefer using their trusty fitness trackers for the run, you can also sync it to the app via Apple Health or Google Fit.

Get rewarded with exclusive finisher T-shirts and medals

jurassic world run - finisher T-shirts and medalsImage adapted from: Jurassic World Run

What’s a race if you don’t get a T-shirt to flaunt at the end of it all? Finishers of all categories get an exclusive finisher’s tee, featuring Jurassic World’s iconic T-rex on the back, and an e-certificate to frame up. 

Clear the 10KM or 21KM run to unlock shiny medals that come in three different designs. No worries about picking them up after your run either, as these will be delivered to your doorstep after the race.

 finisher T-shirts and medalsImage adapted from: Jurassic World Run

Experience Jurassic World with a good sweat sesh

If you’ve been looking for some motivation to clear that stressed out mind and get your health back on track, this might be your best bet. So set aside some time, decide on your perfect running trail and make your next run outdoors a thrilling one with this virtual dino-filled experience. 

Jurassic World RunDate: 26th July – 30th September 2021 (Sign ups close on 29th September 2021) 

Sign up for Jurassic World Run

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Cover image adapted from: Jurassic World Run, TheSmartLocal


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