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First Look: Ice Magic 2023 Returns With SG’s Longest Snow Slope, Couple Ice Slides & Winter Comfort Food

Ice Magic 2023 at Marina Bay

Bring out your heattech, beanies, and gloves. Yes, you’re about to experience winter, and no, you’re not going to be on a long-haul flight, one plane ticket poorer. Winter is returning to Singapore with Ice Magic’s second edition, this time larger in size and with new activities in store. 

Time to grab your winter clothes and get excited – these are the things you can look forward to during its run from 9th December 2023 to 21st January 2024 at the Bayfront Event Space, located right beside Marina Bay Sands

Get geared up for temperatures as low as -15°C

Wide Shot Of Ice Magic Event Space

The temperatures at Ice Magic can dip well below freezing, to a frosty -15°C. So, before heading on inside, you’d want to come prepared with extra layers like fleece if you’re not keen on instantly freezing over.

Winter Clothes Rental And Buying Gloves

Tickets to Ice Magic come with complimentary rental of winter jackets and snow boots. But trust me when I say you’ll also want to come donning a pair of gloves and socks. However, don’t worry about running to the nearest winter wear shops – you can purchase gloves and socks on site, from $18 and $4 respectively.

A pair of waterproof long pants is also nice to have, as you’ll find yourself landing butt-first into the snow when going on the slides and slope.

Lockers At Ice Magic

For hygiene purposes, do remember to slip on the plastic covers for your feet before sliding into your boots. Once you’ve collected your winter wear, you can rent a locker for $4 to store your valuables, and you’re all set for a day exploring the man-made tundra. 

3,000 sqm winter playground with SG’s longest snow slope

Snow SlopeWith a larger event space, this year’s activities are elevated, quite literally with the largest snow slope in Singapore. Taller and larger than before, their 6.5m-tall and 98m-long snow slope offers a taste of the mountains. Choose between conquering the slope solo or with bae in tow, just lug a float up a flight of stairs, and brace yourself as you speedily spiral down the icy decline. 

Merry Go Round

A brand new experience this year is the 8m-wide Merry-Go-Round that spins riders around and round like a teacup ride in a theme park.

Ice SlideYou can request for the staff to give you a hefty shove as a speed boost to send you zooming down the slides.Without a doubt, the ice slide from last year was the biggest highlight of the playground. If you loved it, the good news is that it’s back this year.

Ice Magic 2023 Couple Ice Slide

2023’s version returns bigger and better with a Double-Lane Couple Ice Slide so you can glide down while having your fingers locked with your SO. Talk about cute first-date ideas. For the painfully single speed junkies, pick the slide on the right; it promises a more potent rush of adrenaline as it’s the faster slide between the two. 

Snap pics at ice sculptures, igloos & a mini pine forest

Taking A Picture Of Ice Sculptures

With a place as enchanting as this, you’ll find no shortage of photo ops. For starters, keep your followers posted on your winter playdate at the ice sculptures of adorable arctic animals, such as a family of polar bears, a skiing penguin, and a stocky walrus.

Arctic Animals Ice Sculptures

Do look out for the intricate ice carving of frosted-over icicles that make good photo ops, as well as an iced-up rendition of the iconic Merlion and Singapore Flyer which give the event a hint of local flair.

Igloo And Pine Tree Forest At Ice Magic 2023

You can also pop into 1 of the resident igloos to have a mini disco party with its neon strobe lights; or re-enact your favourite K-drama scenes at the mini pine forest

Baby On 5-Lane Ice Slide

The kiddos won’t be left out too, as they’ve got the new 5-Lane Mini Ice Slides to whizz down. The Magical Ice Rink is another one that they’ll adore, as they get 300sqm of ice to glide across while riding dolphin-shaped mounts. 

Watch Ice Magic transform into a dreamy snowscape

Ice Magic 2023 Light Show

Stay till late to catch not the sunset – you’re in a giant box of ice, silly! – but simulated Arctic winter lights. It only happens at the last hour of each session, so be sure to time your visit right to catch it. Taking a cue from the famed northern and southern lights, you’ll witness the place light up wonderfully with shades of purple, green, blue, and yellow.

Ice Magic 2023 Ice Sculptures During Light Show

If there’s still space in your camera reel, swing by the aforementioned ice sculptures as they look even more stunning swathed in the glowing lights.

Warm up with winter comfort food & arcade games

Ice Magic 2023 Winter Food Village

Science says you burn more calories in the cold so it’s a good thing you’ll find delicious winter comfort food here right outside, at Ice Magic’s Winter Food Village.

Food At Ice Magic 2023Image credit: Eatbook

There are 11 food stalls, all filled with belly-warming goodies. The grub here includes bites like Rosti ($7.50), and hearty servings of Mala ($15) served in a cup. The Winter Food Village is also open to the public, so you can swing by for a bite even if you’re not heading inside to play.

There’ll be hot beverages on site that you can purchase for a hit of cosiness. The Ice Café which sits at the entrance of the playground will be serving up piping hot cups of hot chocolate ($6.50) and coffee (from $5) for those seeking refuge from the cold.

Arcade MachinesAt a nearby machine, you can exchange your cash for tokens at a rate of $0.50/token

There’s also an area chock-full of various arcade machines for you to fiddle with as you regain control of your fingers after chilling in sub-zero temperatures. For $2, try your hand at Daytona racing simulators, or snag a cute memento at one of the claw machines.

Experience winter at Ice Magic

Ice Magic 2023 Icicles Sculpture

It’s indeed magical that we can enjoy subzero bliss in this land where the temperature averages 30°C. If you have a longing to experience the frigid climate of Hokkaido or Harbin but don’t have enough ALs to book a trip, visit Ice Magic instead. With each session lasting 2 hours 45 minutes long, you’ll have no problems satiating your wanderlust for at least another year.

Get your tickets to Ice Magic

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Photography by John Lim

Event Information

Ice Magic

Bayfront Event Space,12A Bayfront Avenue,Singapore 018970

09 Dec 2023 – 21 Jan 2024


10:00 am – 7:00 pm

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