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Light To Night 2024 Is Back With ASMR Exhibits, Unique Art Forms & Free Live Performances

Light to Night 2024: Reimagined

Hear ye, hear ye, all you art fanatics and lovers of all things aesthetic. Light to Night is coming back for its 2024 edition, and the dates have been sealed. Come 19th January to 8th February 2024, there’ll be thought-provoking artwork, interactive exhibits, and IG-worthy set-ups galore all throughout the Civic District.

For its 8th run, the festival’s theme is “Reimagine”, so prepare to have your preconceived notions challenged in the most playful and intriguing way possible. Here’s what to expect at the highly anticipated annual affair, organised by National Gallery Singapore.

Interactive exhibits including word puzzles & an ASMR adventure

If your perception of art is that it’s boring and snooty, it’s time to reimagine everything. A big portion of Light to Night 2024 is the element of play, with lots of interactive exhibits that invite visitors to actively get involved.

Light to Night 2024 - Ping Pong Go-AroundImage credit: Light to Night Singapore

Take for example, Lee Wen’s Ping Pong Go-Around, a mixed media installation on commission from Korea. Gather ‘round and play ping pong in an almost complete circle, save for the gap allowing participants to squeeze in and pick up a paddle.

Bonus points if you buddy up with a stranger and make some new friends along the way. Potential How I Met Your Mother/Father situation?

You might have heard of Whisperlodge’s live ASMR experience if you’re part of the ASMR fandom. Over at Light to Night 2024, you’ll get to take part in a multi-room journey called Wishful Thinking, where your senses will be thoroughly heightened.

Whisperlodge Wishful Thinking ASMROne of the set-ups for Wishful Thinking. Like Whisperlodge’s other offerings, it’s best to go into this experience with zero spoilers, and an open mind.Image credit: Light to Night Singapore

Not only will an ASMR clip be played throughout the activity to get your ears tingling and your goosebumps activated, the set-up also features different textures for you to touch and explore.

8-Bit Word Clouds Cloudscape of Literary Arts ReimaginedImage credit: Light to Night Singapore

Gen Xs, Millennials, and Zillennials alike will get a kick out of 8-Bit Word Clouds: Cloudscape of Literary Arts Reimagined. Put together by Justin Loke, the illuminated art piece stirs major nostalgia of our Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow days.

Besides the charming 8-bit pixel blocks, the exhibit is an interactive puzzle in itself. Visitors are challenged to fill in the mixing letters to decipher beautifully worded quotes.

Aesthetic installations & awe-inspiring light shows

Light to Night 2024 - Projection Show National Gallery SingaporeOne of Light to Night’s past light projections, to give you an idea of how stunning it looks.

One of the highlights of every Light to Night run is the projection show cast upon National Gallery Singapore’s already gorgeous facade. See the colonial architecture come alive with various themed projections, each evoking different emotions but sure to draw plenty of oohs and ahhs all the same.

Wings of Change Saga SeedOther than the mammoth star of the show, there’ll be other saga seed inflatables illuminating the lawn.Image credit: Light to Night Singapore

Speaking of awe-inspiring, check out the larger-than-life Wings of Change exhibit courtesy of local artist, Kumari Nahappan. The 6m-tall inflatable exhibit is modelled after a saga seed, a familiar symbol of SG culture that you may recognise from the giant sculpture in Changi Airport’s T3 concourse. Going a notch above the airport version, this one glows.

Fuel up at the food street & catch live performances

Light to Night 2024 - Art X Social Festival VillageImage credit: Light to Night Singapore

All that mental and visual stimulation is sure to work up an appetite. Grab some grub and sip on some refreshments at the Art X Social Festival Village along St. Andrew’s Road. There’ll be F&B kiosks and dining areas for you to catch a break off your feet. And to max out the good vibes, you can also catch live performances at the Padang Atrium.

The line-up of food offerings and performers is yet to be released, but you can stay tuned to the Light to Night 2024 website for the latest news.

Kickstart your year with Light to Night 2024 at the Civic District

Rapture Victor Tan Wire SculptureRapture by Victor Tan – a collection of sculptures painstakingly moulded from pure wire.Image credit: Light to Night Singapore

As the main event kicking off Singapore Art Week, Light to Night 2024 is a must-visit if you’re already planning to add “be more cultured” to your New Year’s resolutions. Other creations you can look forward to include abstract art, embroidery work, performance pieces, and risograph prints – AKA digital screen printing.

Light to Night 2024 - Light ProjectionA snapshot of Light to Night 2023. 

Plus, you’ll be guaranteed to leave the venue with heaps of new IG-ready shots. So whether you’re looking for a vibe-y date idea or to have a little photoshoot with the gang to kick-start the new year, you know where to go.

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Cover image adapted from: Light to Night Singapore

Event Information

Light to Night 2024

Civic District

19 Jan – 08 Feb 2024


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Timings varyExhibits taking place at various locations across the Civic DistrictAdmission is free, with ticketed programmes


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