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First Look: Subway's New Homestyle BBQ Chicken Sandwiches, Flatbreads, Wraps & Salads

Subway Homestyle BBQ Chicken


If you live by the “variety is the spice of life” mantra, Subway would be right up your alley with its endless flavour combinations. From the protein fillings and topping assortments right down to the type of sauce and bread to hold it all together, you’re able to customise your meal to your exact liking. 

The newest kid on the block is a tender and flavour-packed Homestyle BBQ Chicken, available in the form of a wrap, flatbread, salad and of course, the good ol’ sub sandwich.

subway homestyle bbq

Introducing the star of the show: a sizeable heap of well-marinated chicken, hand-pulled and coated in a delectable BBQ sauce. I’m admittedly quite the meat fiend, so I was mighty pleased to see that there was a balanced mix between lean slivers and hefty chunks of chicken.  

subway homestyle bbq marinade

While the BBQ marinade undoubtedly yields a notable zing, be warned that it might not strike a chord with folks who aren’t a fan of sweet and savoury flavour mixes. 

subway homestyle bbq cheese

Inject an ooey-gooey burst of savouriness with your choice of cheese – creamy slices of Swiss or sharp grated cheddar. You can also top-up $0.60 for double cheese on a 6-inch sub, $1.20 if it’s a footlong.

subway homestyle bbq vegetables

The veggie station is where I load up on accompaniments to make the meal more nutritious. Aside from the added dose of vitamins, a medley of fresh vegetables also lends each bite a nice crunch. 

Tip: Opt for the tangy jalapenos for a kick of spice you won’t find from regular chilli sauces.

subway homestyle bbq sauce

Last but not least, a drizzle or two from Subway’s wide range of sauces. Did you know you can go for multiple different sauces for each order? All the more flavour concoctions to experiment with!

Their signatures include honey mustard, ranch, sweet onion and my personal favourite – chipotle southwest; nice and creamy with slight levels of heat! 

subway homestyle bbq bread

Subway sandwiches are made with freshly baked loaves, responsible for the heavenly aroma wafting in the air whenever we’re in the vicinity of an outlet.

subway homestyle bbq flatbread

To try something new, go for the Homestyle BBQ Chicken in the style of a flatbread.

subway homestyle bbq avocado

P.S – splurge on a top-up of avocado ($1 per scoop) to instantly elevate your meal with a smooth, creamy and earthy taste. The abundance of antioxidants found in avocados translates to major skin benefits too. 

subway homestyle bbq wrap

We also gave the Subway wrap a shot, and it was like sinking our teeth into an explosive mish-mash of flavours and textures.

subway homestyle bbq wrap roll

Encased in a thin but nonetheless tasty tortilla, the compact treat is ideal for enjoying on-the-go, without the worry of precious fillings spilling out. 

subway homestyle bbq salad

Those craving for something less carb-heavy can enjoy the succulent goodness of Subway’s Homestyle BBQ Chicken within a refreshing salad

If you’re used to scarfing down mesclun mixtures and spinach leaves, the lettuce-heavy salad might not be as substantial a base. But don’t forget, you can also jazz this up with cheese and whichever combination of sauces your heart desires as the salad dressing.

subway homestyle bbq lays chips snacks

Complete your meal with a combo to enjoy two yummy cookies or a packet of snacks, as well as a drink to wash it all down. 

subway homestyle bbq cookiesSweet treats to cap off a satisfying meal – choose from nutty or fruity to good ol’ choco-loaded.

Subway Homestyle BBQ Chicken Singapore Soda FountiainThe soda fountain has myriad options, including vanilla Coke, cherry Sprite and sparkling orange Dasani.

Subway Singapore – Homestyle BBQ Chicken

Prices for the Subway Homestyle BBQ Chicken are as follows:

Sub: $7.50 6-inch ala carte, $8.50 6-inch combo, $12.70 footlong ala carteFlatbread: $7.90 6-inch ala carte, $8.90 6-inch combo, $8.30 footlong ala carteWrap: $7.90 ala carte, $8.90 comboSalad: $9.30 ala carte , $10.30 comboDouble meat: $2.90 6-inch, $5.80 footlong

Available for a limited time only, head down to your nearest Subway outlet to grab a bite of their newly launched Homestyle BBQ Chicken offerings while they last.

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This post was brought to you by Subway.Photography by Tan Wen Lin


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