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Tan Yu Famous Grilled Fish Opens 2nd Store At Westgate With 12 Savoury & Spicy Flavours Worth The Queue

Tan Yu famous grilled fish

Tan Yu grilled fish

At most traditional Chinese dinners, there’s one constant besides a bowl of white rice – that’ll be a large platter of fresh seafood. Squid, abalone, crab – we like it all, but one of our favourites is undoubtedly grilled fish. While you can find this dish at any zi char stall, Tan Yu takes it one step further with 12 new savoury and spicy flavours

From Chongqing spice to green pepper, here’s why we thoroughly enjoyed our meal at Tan Yu:  

12 flavours of grilled fish

Grilled fish with green pepper

1 order of grilled fish is approximately 1.2KG – more than enough for 3 people to share!

Grilled fish with soy sauce is a true classic, but when at Tan Yu, there’s a variety of other savoury flavours to salivate over. We’re eyeing the Grilled Fish with Green Pepper (from $42.90) – it’s the most popular choice in Tan Yu and rightfully so since it comes with a generous scattering of spicy green peppers. 

There’s also a mix of peppercorns atop for some mala numbing action. 

Tan Yu - Grilled fish with green pepper

You can choose the type of fish: Limbo, QingJiang, or Sea Bass. It all depends on your preferences – Limbo is as tender as it gets, Qiang Jiang is slightly firmer, and Sea Bass has a meatier texture. But for us, we went straight for the Limbo since we like our fish delicate and somewhat flaky.

Tan Yu - Chongqing Bean Curd Grilled Fish

Don’t worry about the fish drying up either – you can easily ask the staff to top up with a flavourful pork broth. 

Another solid choice is the Chongqing Bean Curd Grilled Fish (from $43.90). It’s entirely covered by a massive mountain of red chilli, which almost looks menacing for your tastebuds. Thankfully, the chilli is deceptively vibrant – it’s spicy, but not overpoweringly so. It also helps that there’s a silky-smooth layer of beancurd below to help cut the spice. 

Tan Yu - Chongqing grilled fish

There’s also a good mix of sides to choose from. For variety, the Golden Combination ($12.90) comes with enoki mushrooms, crabsticks, potatoes, and lotus roots. All ingredients are cooked under the fish so they’ll be seeping with the savoury goodness of the gravy. 

Tan Yu - bbq skewers

It’s also worth trying their barbecue skewers, with sticks of unusual bites like Grilled Honey Toast ($1.90) and Roasted Bullfrog ($3.90). Other more conventional skewers include Grilled Mushrooms ($1.90) and Grilled Shrimps ($4.90/2 pieces)

Tan Yu also offers a range of cold dishes like Chongqing Cold Noodles with Chicken Slices ($8.90).

Tan Yu’s grilled fish in Singapore

Eating at Tan Yu grilled fish

It’s a whole lot easier for Westies to satiate their grilled fish cravings now!

With over 200 outlets in China, Tan Yu is one of the more popular grilled fish restaurants out there – of course we’re going to try it since they’ve just opened their second outlet in Westgate Mall. With 12 savoury and spicy flavours and a range of cooking styles, you can choose from a selection of grilled fish dishes. 

Tan Yu at Westgate Mall

If it’s anything like their first opening at 313@somerset, there’s bound to be a mighty long queue so head down during non-peak dining times to get a seat fast. You can also make a reservation at 6509 8887 (313@somerset) or 6250 6656 (Westgate Mall) if you want to cut the line – book at least one week in advance for weekend reservations! 

Head down from 19th August – 20th August 2019 to get 32% off* or 21st August -23rd August 2019 to get 22% off*

*T&Cs apply.

Find out more about Tan Yu’s new Westgate Mall outlet here

Tan Yu (Westgate Mall)Address: 3 Gateway Drive, #B1-01/02 Westgate, Singapore 608532Opening hours: Daily, 11.30AM-10PMTelephone: 6250 6656

This post was brought to you by Tan Yu.Photography by Pepita Wauran 


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