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You Need To Try This Scalp Treatment If You’re Losing Hair Cause Of Work Stress

TK TrichoKare’s Scalp Purifying Therapy

Hair loss is one of our biggest enemies of all time. The thought of running our hands through our hair and seeing a chunk of hair fall out is absolutely horrifying. Although some hair loss is completely normal and impossible to stop completely, we can still identify the causes behind excessive hair loss and look into possible treatment options to slow it down.

Whether you’re a student or working adult, stress is something most of us are familiar with and, if you didn’t already know, is one of the common causes of hair loss too. So, if you’ve noticed that your precious mane is thinning, it’s time to take action and explore solutions to curb your losses. You can start by trying out the TK TrichoKare Scalp Purifying Therapy

A few of our TSL members have undergone the therapy and this is what a typical session looks like.

What is the TrichoKare Scalp Purifying Therapy?

Customisable treatment using premium European Herbs

TK TrichoKare girl at counter

In a bid to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth, all treatments and products at TK TrichoKare are carefully formulated using premium-grade European herbs and innovative technology that will help relieve several hair and scalp problems that you could be facing. 

Apart from hair loss, the therapy also works its magic to help those with issues like scalp inflammation, itchiness, and dandruff. So to ensure they are targeting the problem at hand, treatments will be customised specifically to your needs. 

7-step scalp treatment by consultants & hair and scalp specialists

It’s a pretty detailed process with 7 steps, so set aside about 2.5 hours from your schedule to  get the full effects and benefits from this scalp treatment. 

Don’t forget, hair only grows well when the roots are healthy, which in turn means your scalp needs to be in tip-top condition. If all this is new to you, the certified TrichoKare consultants will explain the process in detail. 

TK TrichoKare scalp purifying therapy hair and scalp analysis

Your treatment will start with a Hair & Scalp Analysis conducted by a TrichoKare consultant who will be using Tricho-scan which is a magnifying lens that zooms in up to 200 times – showing you all the action that’s happening on your scalp. 

The results of this analysis allow them to find out the condition of your scalp – whether it’s dry and flaky or oily and clogged. The consultant can then propose a customised treatment tailored to tackle your issues.

TK TrichoKare scalp purifying therapy customised premium european herbal scalp masqueImage adapted from: Zula

After the consultation, your scalp will be gently slathered with a Customised Premium European Herbal Scalp Masque. Not only is it meant to be soothing, but this Scalp Masque is also effective in giving your scalp a detox by removing any impurities or excess sebum – the build-up of naturally occurring oils resulting in irritation, not to be mistaken for dandruff.

TK TrichoKare nourishing hair bath oxyjetNourishing Hair Bath (left) and OxyJet (right).Image adapted from: Zula

Now that all of that is cleared, enjoy a Nourishing Hair Bath which will help your scalp restore its sebum balance, followed by an OxyJet treatment that will help boost the scalp’s cell metabolism and blood circulation. Plus, the refreshing jets of hydrogen blasts into your scalp feels so rejuvenating.

TK TrichoKare MaxiKare AmpouleImage credits: Zula 

Step 5 is an application of the MaxiKare Ampoule. This ampoule is meant to help reduce inflammation, protect your hair from damage due to the environment, and promote hair growth. At this point, you’re more than halfway through the process of restoring your tresses.

TK TrichoKare scalp purifying therapy photodynamic therapy

After the ampoule is applied, you’ll undergo Photodynamic Therapy which involves laser light technology. To avoid getting too technical, all you need to know is that these lasers support hair regeneration and accelerate the healing of a damaged scalp. 

TK TrichoKare scalp scansScalp scans from before (left) and after (right) the treatment.Image adapted from: TK TrichoKare

Seeing is believing. So, the last step of your Scalp Purifying treatment will be the post-treatment hair & scalp analysis conducted by the TrichoKare consultant. Here’s where you’ll be able to see the improvement in your scalp’s condition before and after the treatment under their super magnified scalp scan.

As seen from the scan made before the treatment, the scalp had flakes and oil clogged pores. The scan right after the treatment shows clear pores and a nourished scalp.

Give your hair & scalp the treatment they deserve at TK TrichoKare

TK TrichoKare finished treatment

TSL fam, you get to enjoy this Scalp Purifying Therapy at just $40 along with a complimentary MaxiKare Ampoule that’ll be applied during the treatment. You’ll get to bring home a set of Nourishing Hair Bath and CompleteKare Mask as well to help with post-treatment maintenance. The total value of everything is usually $770, so that’s quite a steal. 

TK TrichoKare scalp purifying therapy bring home setImage credits: Zula

Simply book an appointment online or drop a WhatsApp message to 9150 8891 with the promo code <TSLXTK> to enjoy this promotion till end September 2023. It’ll be available at all TK TrichoKare outlets – NEX, Ngee Ann City, Velocity@Novena Square, Clementi Mall, and Jurong Point – making it convenient no matter which part of the island you’re residing or working at.

Book an appointment for the TK TrichoKare Scalp Purifying Therapy

This post was brought to you by TK TrichoKare.Cover image adapted from: Zula


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